Why smart cities need smart buildings

ABI Research reports that connecting smart home and smart cities projects could benefit both. Top-down coordinated smart city projects have only been partly successful, achieving deployment of smart street lights and opening doors to things like car and bike-sharing schemes. But when it comes to broader integrated projects, such as transforming a city’s healthcare offering or upgrading its power distribution infrastructure, complexity and cost quickly become barriers.

Make or Break: How Cabling is Key to the Future of the Data Center

Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine learning and software-as-a-service are other examples of new technologies that data center operators are having to react to and increase storage for, as global cloud data center traffic grows at an unprecedented rate. Although 400G is currently a very small market, adoption of this technology will grow over the coming years. To ensure data centers are ultra-fast, high-performing, and able to adapt quickly, 400G is key for the future. Hyperscale cloud data centers will be the drivers of the development of 400G, with this momentum expected to increase throughout 2020 and beyond.

Power of good

As IoT devices continue to increase and applications scale up, infrastructure provisioning is becoming increasingly complex. The connected world requires a solution that can converge power and data infrastructure to satisfy the demand for triple-play services and power consumption demands of edge network assets – and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is emerging as a clear game changer.

With Fiber Certification… Are You Working Smart?

Higher fiber-count cables are being laid, leading to a challenge for installers and contractors: how to manage, track and report on the test and certification of the individual fibers and the cable as a whole. The questions are many: how far along are you in testing all the fibers? Did you already test this or that fiber? Did it pass or fail? Where is the test result so you can check? And how do you consolidate a bunch of individual test results into one certification report? Without a clear and simple view of where you are with your project (and a little bit of automation), you can waste a lot of time figuring these things out, potentially duplicating tests (accidentally testing the same fiber twice) or worse, missing a fiber and having to return to site (at your own cost if you’re a contractor) to fill in the missing data.

The Emergence of uLAN in the Connected Enterprise

The uLAN is an emerging network made up of non-traditional Ethernet-enabled utility devices that are now connecting to the network. While the traditional Core LAN – comprised of the PC, VoIP phone and WiFi – is not expected to undergo significant change through 2022, the emerging uLAN is expected to grow significantly over that time. The uLAN and the network infrastructure supporting it will be largely responsible for connecting and powering the billions of new devices needed to make buildings smart.

Cabling Mistakes #10: Skipping Fiber Inspection Steps

Contaminated connections are the number one cause of fiber-related problems and failures in a data center, Enterprise backbones and other fiber networking environments. The #10 most common cabling mistake is skipping out on proper fiber inspection! One tiny speck of dirt on the fiber core can cause loss and reflections that increase error rates and degrade performance.

Webinar: Optical-Fiber and Fiber-Optic Cabling Developments

Fiber is the medium of choice when data is mission-critical. Providers of optical fiber, fiber-optic cable, and fiber-optic connectivity have continuously revised and improved their products to better serve the exacting demands of end-user organizations. This webinar examines several technological advancements that have been made to multimode fiber-based systems and explores connectivity options. It provides detailed information on the fiber, cable, and connectivity types that are available, and describes how these fiber-based components can be incorporated into complete end-to-end systems.

White Paper: Test Considerations for PoE Deployment

PoE technologies are a critical component to Smart Buildings. Deploying these sophisticated systems can be a daunting task, which is why it is important to understand testing considerations that certify the physical infrastructure meets IEEE, ANSI and TIA standards. This paper provides a standards update across all technologies as well as examples of testing configuration, tests that should be run, gotchas to watch out for, and how to interpret test results.