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The Impact Of Smart Buildings On Facilities Management

The transformation from traditional structures to smart buildings is fundamentally reshaping the domain of facilities management. They provide a 360-degree view of the building’s operations, aiding in predictive maintenance, standards compliance, enhancing occupant experience, and improving sustainability. However, with all its promising benefits, the question arises — are smart buildings a boon or a bane for facilities management?

Single Pair Ethernet: The Future of IIoT

Just as using a ‘codified and universal’ language enables the seamless exchange of ideas between people, in the manufacturing and cable industry, this is precisely what single-pair Ethernet (#SPE) does for the automation systems in industries. It allows for continuous real-time data transfer right up to the field level and helps bridge long distances in large plants like chemical industries.

US Conec barks back at Senko in VSFF connector patent scrap

US Conec filed a response to a Senko Advanced Components suit that alleges US Conec violated SENKO patents on very small form factor (VSFF) fiber-optic connectors denying the allegations and contains allegations that Senko violated US Conec patents. SENKO, in a written statement to Lightwave reaffirmed that it expects to triumph in court. Both companies make VSFF connectors and associated adapters – the CS, SN, and SN-MT connectors in SENKO’s case, and the MMC and MDC connectors in US Conec’s.

TIA White Paper: Resilience at the Edge

When planning an Edge Data Center (EDC) deployment, the need to address availability of planned workloads to ensure resiliency is a top priority. The key characteristics of an EDC can be significantly different than those that top the list for larger enterprise or multi-tenant data centers. To help balance the costs and operational aspects of any EDC strategy, this paper outlines a number of critical questions that should be addressed to ensure resiliency at the edge.