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AFL Releases New Gel-Free Technology

AFL’s new gel-free, dry buffer tube technology makes installation cost-friendly and simple as there is no support or messenger wire. The cable features a specialized water-blocking binder that absorbs any moisture around the cable. This makes the technology not only time saving, but more convenient and efficient to access the fibers as there’s no need for gel cleanup.

Cool Tools: PoE Testers

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows electrical power for lighting, HVAC and security systems to flow over an Ethernet cable rather than standard electrical wiring. #PoE simplifies cabling because only one cable is needed to provide electrical power and other applications to devices in a local area network (LAN) system.

Online seminar addresses multifiber connectivity

Now available on demand. This one hour webinar covers multifiber connectivity with a specific focus on data center networks. Jennifer Cline (US Conec) will address VSS Multi-Fiber Connectivity; Ken Hall (CommScope) will present on Designing a Dynamic Data Center Fiber-optic Network; and Jim Davis (Fluke Networks) will discuss Testing Tools & Techniques for Multi-Fiber Cabling Systems.

Intelligent build solutions are key to the success of future network deployments

We currently find ourselves in a period of unprecedented demand for network infrastructure. The rapid adoption of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and the internet of things (IoT), have further heightened this trend. As the digitization and virtualization of business and society continues, more and more demands are placed on the data center because of the immense amount of potential it holds. For data center companies to realize this potential, they must operate more efficiently. To operate more efficiently, the industry must undergo a transformation—a digital transformation, that is.
No longer is funding the main constraint to deploying digital infrastructure. A constrained labor market, challenges in the supply chain, lack of real-time visibility into project execution, difficulty in auditing daily project results, lack of data integrity and more are all roadblocks to digitizing a network as each results in network inefficiencies and costs.

The Case for Broadband Access as a Human Right

The pandemic’s massive, unplanned experiment proved that only those with high-speed internet could really participate in our society as it works today. It’s as critical as electricity.
The 80% of Americans who don’t have access to fiber broadband got left behind. It’s not OK to let that digital divide persist, to accept having a “less than” population.