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Should LAN installers hit the 5G panic button? Questions for IDEAL Networks

Very recently on its website, IDEAL Networks posed the salient premise and question, 5G is coming – should LAN installers panic? Interest around 5G has built significantly over the past year. But should this promise of improved mobile performance be a cause for concern for LAN cable providers and installers? Read the  answers to the six questions posed by IDEAL.

What Congress Is (And Isn’t) Doing on 5G

It is doubtful that the 116th Congress will muster any broad-based response that will materially change the trajectory of the United States’s deployment of 5G technology or the security of the network. Because 5G will remain a private-sector-led initiative in the United States, the government’s role is limited largely to debating regulatory issues.

Global data center market projected to 17% CAGR over next 5 years

The global data center market’s size is poised to grow by USD $284.44 billion during the period from 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of more than 17% during the forecast period, according to a new report by Technavio. The analyst says the market is being driven by the rise in adoption of multi-cloud and network upgrades to support 5G. The report also finds that demand planning and expansion by “hyperscalers” is expected to boost the growth of the data center market.

Webinar: Examining the Major Trends Impacting Datacom Business

From the growth of 5G to new PoE applications, this Graybar Insights webinar will take a closer look at the trends that are impacting the Datacom business and what these changes mean for the end user and contractor. During this presentation, Legrand and Graybar will discuss new demands being placed on existing Datacom infrastructure from the view of smart buildings, sustainability, A/V, 5G, edge computing and software-defined networking.

Ultra High Density (UHD) MPO Module

Ultra High Density Modules provides an interface between MPO Trunks and LC interface of active equipment. This UHD module with its unique footprint provides scalability for high density fiber optics infrastructure with up to 288 fibers inside a 2U space.  Pre-assembled MPO modules improve the speed of installation and because they are so compact, the improve space management in a high fiber density environment.

5G |

5G is the next generation of wireless networks. It’s not just faster—lower latency and more flexibility mean it could start an era of augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, and other applications we haven’t dreamed of yet. It’s going to take years to realize 5G’s potential. Every month PCMag tracks which carrier is ahead on coverage, devices, and speed to show you who’s leading in the race to 5G.

How It Works: 5G

5G networks are all the buzz. What you may not know is that Corning’s optical fiber will play a role in their delivery. Although you may not realize it, when we are chatting, working, watching movies, or playing games on a wireless network, the wireless nodes are interconnected by a substantial network of optical fiber. Now, with greater expansion of wireless access points for both 4G and 5G networks, more and more fiber will be necessary to meet the growing demands being placed on these networks.


To support a successful transition, 5G test practices are being developed and refined to ensure the consistent performance that end users demand. The collective tools, software, protocols, and practices required for all 5G deployment phases form the core of the emerging 5G testing field. Achieve optimized deployment with the VIAVI Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment.