TIA TR-60.TSB The Gateway To Outcome-Based Infrastructure Management

Free Webinar on August 24th at 11:00 EST. As the TIA TR-60 ICT Lifecycle Management Standards are introduced into IT and ICT workstreams, this new Day 2 thinking may not be intuitive to some professionals in areas like HR, Governance, Supply Chain and Security. This webinar, presented by Jerry Bowman TR-60 Chair and David Cuthbertson TR-60.B Subcommittee Chair will introduce the listener to some of the business problems that TR-60 will solve, and provide guidance on the use case for the thirty (30) standards as they’re released. The webinar will also provide some examples of the planned TR-60 technology management benchmarking system to allow technology stakeholders to set performance objectives and measure achievement of them. Benchmarking is vital to finding areas of opportunity to monitor, improve and empower every internal and outsourced IT department resulting in the right processes and overall productivity, which all drive revenue. The TR-60 TSB webinar will introduce the concepts, desired outcomes and some early prescriptive guidance on how to use TR-60 to achieve them. #supplychainmanagement #TR-60 #TIAstandards #ITgovernance

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