Webinar: Intelligent Buildings

This webinar examines multiple aspects of building and managing the infrastructure to support systems within an intelligent building including, Overcoming the challenges of Wifi deployments in intelligent buildings; Twisted-pair cabling for intelligent buildings; and testing the infrastructure for intelligent building systems.

Everstream launches fiber network into greater Chicago market

“Business-only” fiber network provider Everstream has launched into the greater Chicago market, providing a new choice for businesses in the Chicago suburbs that require reliable, high-speed connectivity to grow and thrive. By the end of 2020, Everstream expects its Chicago network will encompass more than 500 of the planned 1,200 route miles.The fiber network will be lit in March.

Quick-disconnect M8 sensor cables and M12 field wireable connectors

New 5-pole M8 (Pico) quick-disconnect cables from AutomationDirect.com are available with axial or right-angle female connectors and pigtail wiring in 1.5, 5 and 10 meter cable lengths. The quick-disconnect cables have a 3, 4 or 5-socket M8 female connector on one end and 3, 4 or 5 open leads on the other end to provide fast and easy connection between field devices and terminal connections. A “lock in place” nickel plated brass or zinc coupling nut resists high levels of shock and vibration.

Smart Cities Market Future Growth | Trends | Analysis – 2023

The smart cities market is expected to grow from USD 308 Billion in 2018 to USD 717 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 18.4%. The Smart Cities Market has witnessed substantial growth, owing to need for public safety and communications infrastructure, increasing number of government initiatives and PPP models for smart cities, growing adoption of connected and smart technologies in smart cities initiatives,optimizing the use of energy during peak hours, and citizen empowerment and engagement.

Critical Communications Industry feels 5G has Biggest Potential to Create Safe Cities

IWCE report finds critical communications industry feels 5G has biggest potential to create Safe Cities but is still several years away from mass adoption.The report found that 76% use LTE devices and 70% are currently planning to use 5G. While it also was revealed that respondents felt 5G has the biggest potential to create safer cities above all other technologies such as AI, IoT etc. those surveyed also claimed cost and lack availability of sites to install 5G antennas were cited as the top reasons for its delayed rollout. Lack of understanding of the technology coming in third (32%) and regulation being seen as the least important barrier for rolling out 5G across America.

Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings

The increased focus on cybersecurity for smart buildings is being driven by the ever-growing number of networked IoT devices and the convergence of OT and IT security. However, this seamless interconnection of IoT devices makes smart buildings increasingly vulnerable and susceptible for cyber-attacks with expensive and destructive consequences.

How Privacy Trends Will Shape the Next Decade of IoT

The governing regulations over the use of data and who has access to it will change the landscape of how we move about in the online world .Over the past decade, data has emerged as “the new oil” – a driving force behind the world’s economy. Because of the sheer amount of data, new concerns for its use have driven innovation within the privacy and security sphere. In the coming months and years, privacy will reemerge as the latest innovation-driving force, producing long term changes from trends happening now.