The Impact Of Smart Buildings On Facilities Management

The transformation from traditional structures to smart buildings is fundamentally reshaping the domain of facilities management. They provide a 360-degree view of the building’s operations, aiding in predictive maintenance, standards compliance, enhancing occupant experience, and improving sustainability. However, with all its promising benefits, the question arises — are smart buildings a boon or a bane for facilities management?

Single Pair Ethernet: The Future of IIoT

Just as using a ‘codified and universal’ language enables the seamless exchange of ideas between people, in the manufacturing and cable industry, this is precisely what single-pair Ethernet (#SPE) does for the automation systems in industries. It allows for continuous real-time data transfer right up to the field level and helps bridge long distances in large plants like chemical industries.

New Tech Tuesdays: Single Pair Ethernet: The Future of Industrial Automation

Single Pair Ethernet is a relatively new promising technology that offers industrial design engineers considerable flexibility and advantages over traditional Ethernet, including simplified installations over longer distances and reduced cost and weight. SPE is designed for OT applications where standard Ethernet is no longer practical or cost-effective. SPE adoption is expected to increase in the coming years as the demand for low-cost, low-weight, and low-complexity IIoT, IoT, and automotive applications continues to increase.

How to Leverage Edge Computing to Get the Most out of Enterprise IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things significantly stirs up interest in the topic of edge computing in recent years. The fact is that edge computing has high hopes for unleashing the potential of ever-increasing volume of data that is produced by IoT devices. By 2025, this volume is expected to reach a whopping 73.1 ZB, but to extract value from it, data flows respectively need to be competently allocated, managed, and analyzed. Edge devices might be helpful here.
This article explains which environments require edge computing, which cases of  IoT + edge tandem are the most promising, and how to distribute working loads competently over the IoT ecosystem.

Data center sustainability and speed

A data center may look like, well, nothing from the outside – big, boxy, gray, inconspicuous. But inside, it’s a hub for ALL our information. Deposit a check on your banking app? It’s stored in a data center. Send a pic of your grandma to the cloud? It’s in the data center. Tweet? Yep, same place. As miraculous as that is, data centers have a problem: they need to meet booming bandwidth demand.