Black Swans and Fiber Networks

A black swan event is defined as “an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.” The phrase originated because people assumed that black swans didn’t exist because nobody had recorded seeing one – until finally someone did. It turned out black swans existed but were extremely rare, and it was hard to predict when or where someone would encounter one. The COVID-19 pandemic in some ways has been a black swan event, and the communications sector has been no exception. One impact on our sector is that data traffic has shot up at an unprecedented rate, a result of schools closing and orders to shelter in place and work from home. This experience is one example of a fundamental truth of network design: patterns of demand in data traffic are hard to predict (other than that they will grow rapidly on average). The solution is to focus on building physical access networks that have the capacity to respond to changing demands, and the accessibility to make use of that capacity where and when it is needed.

Advantages of Data Center Management in the Cloud

As hybrid digital infrastructures consisting of on-premises and cloud-based systems become more and more common within companies, complexity significantly increases. A professional data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool should be able to manage not only the data center itself, but also hybrid digital infrastructures in all their complexity. In the future, for example, even proprietary customer systems will have to be supplied with detailed information from the data center to ensure end-to-end processes.

5G for enterprise: an ABC-suite

Some leadership teams might think back to the step from 3G to 4G and remember that it was relatively easy. You got new phones for your staff, dongles, a few training modules, and you’re good to go. The shift to 5G will be significantly more complex because 5G’s speed, reliability and flexibility will have a profound impact on value chains and processes, IT and personnel, across every sector. It will allow the collection, analysis and interpretation of data that could, if handled correctly, make every corner of a business more efficient. It provides the widespread untethered connectivity that will unlock all other digital transformation ingredients – IIoT, big data, cloud computing, AI, robotics, digital twins and more.

Cabling design considerations for smart buildings

Enterprise networks have become as equally critical as electricity, water and gas to the successful operation of a business and the well-being of building occupants. In fact, nearly 75% of leasing decision-makers feel it is critical to have a reliable internet connection in their office space to conduct company business, according to research by the building certification firm WiredScore.