What’s an MPO connector?

Multi-fiber push on connectors (MPO) are a single connector that houses multiple fiber terminations, defined by IED=61754-7.14. The MPO’s rise in popularity is due to it’s ability to mate multiple fibers (2-72) within a single connector body, thereby significantly reducing the space needed.

From Cloud To Cloudlets

Cloudlets, or mini-clouds, are starting to roll out closer to the sources of data in an effort to reduce latency and improve overall processing performance. But as this approach gains steam, it also is creating some new challenges involving data distribution, storage and security.

Ethernet Alliance centers new building, industrial automation industry focus on SPE

The Ethernet Alliance has launched a new industry focus around Operational Technology (OT) networks found in building and industrial automation. With the development of Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) creating new opportunities for solving challenges in OT networks, the Ethernet Alliance says it is seeking to connect with more expertise in the building- and industrial-automation industries.

Single-Pair Ethernet: The Smart Choice for Intelligent Buildings

As Ethernet transmission speeds increased, the IEEE recognized the need for additional options to sup-port lower-speed transmission rates for specific applications and environments.As a result, the most recent addition to the IEEE Std 802.3 standard is the IEEE Std 802.3cg-2019 amendment specifying 10-Mbit/sec transmission over single balanced twisted-pair copper ca-bling. While initially targeted at industrial and automotive environments, there are also opportunities for building automation functions. This article will examine the network architecture and use cases made possible by the application of this new technology in support of published SPE standards.

Webinar: Single Pair Ethernet: One Protocol to Rule them All

Standardization of OT and IT onto a single protocol is critical to driving widespread adoption of digital transformation. Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is viewed as the enabling technology that standardizes industrial control networks and digital buildings onto one Ethernet protocol. SPE provides the ability to operate a single, seamless network from cloud to edge and use new PoEvariants that power end devices over distances longer than traditional ethernet cabling. Join Panduit experts to discuss how SPE can impact future building automation system architectures, simplifying networks and providing greater access to the building system data that can drive efficiency and provide a more pleasant user experience through building technology.

The Emerging Role of Single-Pair Cabling in Enterprise Networks

Single Pair Ethernet is a technology that will reduce the barriers to adoption of Ethernet for devices that need both power and limited communications, which often use various 2-wire fieldbus protocols. It operates over a single twisted pair while delivering the full Ethernet stack. Single Pair Ethernet is unique in that it can deliver data with up to 1km reach – and delivering up to 10mbps speeds at that distance, plenty of bandwidth for many devices used in building or industrial automation.