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Biden administration to focus on smart buildings

President-elect Joe Biden has committed his administration to focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy — admirable goals to be sure. But the new Biden Administration must also focus on smart building technology, smart cities, and building automation, according to a piece on ARCWeb. That’s because so many buildings are old. The latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey reported that half of all existing buildings were built between 1960 and 1999, and 21 percent were built before 1960.

Smart Buildings: the possibilities for Facility Managers

Lighting, ventilation or heating that responds to presence, smart security software or the application of sensors: in the age of Internet of Things, almost all of our devices will be linked online. More and more attention is also being paid to integrated building automation in renovation and new construction of office buildings. These buildings where smart technology is applied are called Smart Buildings. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Smart building exactly entails and what this means for the Facility Manager today.

Webinar: Evolution of the Workplace

This documentary style interview with industry thought leaders addresses ideas to leverage technology in ways that improve our physical, digital and experiential worlds. We’ll cover aspects of the Built Environment from Education, Healthcare, Commercial Buildings, Data Centers and Cities, then focus on current and future challenges and how we can all adapt our spaces for a better normal.

Why High-Precision Fiber Optic Testing & Measurement is Important for Revolutionizing Data Transmission & Cloud Storage

This article explains why high-precision fiber optic testing and measurement is important for revolutionizing data transmission and cloud storage. For ultra-fast and reliable data transmission & cloud storage, accurate and reliable fiber optic measurement is the essence of quality control. High precision measuring tools provide for real-time measurement of optical fiber cables, product categorization, process testing, and optimization.

No Slowdown in PropTech Startup Investment in 2020 Despite COVID-19

Our new report on the Smart Building Startup landscape shows a 38% increase in private companies founded between 2011 and 2020 in the smart buildings sector. There no slowdown in the number of Startups receiving investment last year despite the COVID-19 global pandemic and ensuing recession, in fact investments in start ups that address building technologies has accelerated.

Digital Building Technologies: shaping our future as Human Sensors

Digital building technologies are developing faster than designers, users, and other stakeholders are used to assimilating. PropTech is an emerging set of tools that makes buildings intelligent, enabling them to communicate with each other, their components, and contained objects. They automatically collect data about their users, aiming to improve their performance. One example is Digital Twins: Technology that creates a virtual representation of the physical assets, from buildings to contained objects, facilities, and interacting users.