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Liz Goldsmith

Category 6A – A Bright Future Ahead

Although Category 6A copper has been around for a decade, Cat 6 and even Cat 5 have a surprisingly large share of the market. But when we consider cabling standards, PoE and emerging technologies, it’s getting more difficult than ever to make a case for installing and testing anything lower than Cat 6A. And now with wireless LAN users outpacing wired LAN users and a new wave of Wi-Fi promising speeds of nearly 10 Gig, Cat 6A might just get its day.

Smart hospitals

Preventing the theft of expensive medical equipment, stopping unauthorized persons from entering restricted areas, and informing the OR of a rescue helicopter’s arrival: with the help of intelligently connected cameras, video technology, and much more, things that used to be impossible at hospitals – or were only possible as stand-alone, non-digital solutions – are now child’s play thanks to Bosch’s internet of things (IoT) expertise. According to the insurance industry, the theft of endoscopic devices results in millions of euros in damages for hospital operators throughout Europe. Sensor-based video technology in corridors and at points of entry and exit can provide crucial evidence for prosecuting criminals. Prevention is equally important. Intelligently controlled lighting, connected motion detectors on doors and windows, and intrusion alarm systems scare off burglars, prevent theft, and save operators the high cost of having to replace expensive medical equipment.

Legrand Introduces a New Family of Power Products | Legrand

Legrand has introduced a new line of single-phase power products that include LP-Series Power Distribution Units (PDU) and LU-Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to serve the growing demand of edge and IoT applications in the North and Central America regions. The line was built to support network installations in network closets, data centers, retail applications and commercial environments.

Webinar: How to Transition the Data Center from 40G to 400G

This webinar explores the considerations that data center operators must make when planning the 40G-to-400G transition, from the standpoints of optical-networking capabilities and cable-management strategies. It describes how data center managers can increase asset utilization, reducing the complexity of jumper-cable deployment and eliminating stranded or unused fibers. It also details cable-management approaches that can both support high-density fiber installations and ease the process of network changes when they are necessary.

Industrial Ethernet – Learn About

More than half of Industrial Ethernet problems can be traced to cabling. Some of these show up immediately during the startup process – others can allow the connection to function properly until something such as environmental changes cause communications failures. Ethernet is a robust technology that allows communications to continue even under marginal circumstances – but a change in those circumstances might cause communications problems or a complete failure down the road. Here are the most common problems with cabling.

AFL Launches FOCIS Lightning Ultrafast MPO/MTP® Connector Inspection System

AFL has introduced the FOCIS Lightning Ultrafast MPO/MTP connector inspection system with twin 5M pixel CMOS sensors to image the entire MPO end face simultaneously and perform multi-fiber inspections 10 to 100 times faster than legacy systems. This full view connector end face image is displayed in less than two seconds from power-on—a capability unique in the industry.

How smart buildings can generate employee productivity

Can smart buildings play a part in generating employee productivity? There is an established link between smart buildings and employee productivity and wellness. Business leaders often overlook the importance of gathering data and feedback before they create productivity objectives. The smart building, and indeed, smart technology built for the modern office, can help offset this issue. Constantly learning about its own environment and inhabitants, the smart building is regularly gathering data that can inform a strong productivity plan .

North America’s smartest projects revealed

The winners of the second annual IDC Smart Cities North America Awards (SCNAA) have been named. An earthquake alert app, kerb-to-gate biometric airport terminal and a flood mitigation programme are among the category winners of IDC’s smart city awards. The awards launched in 2018 by IDC Government Insights are designed to recognise the progress North American communities have made in executing smart cities projects, as well as provide a forum for sharing best practices to help accelerate smart city development in the region.