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Liz Goldsmith

When Plug-and-Play Really Isn’t

Industry standards such as Ethernet and USB help ensure the interoperability of the computers, peripherals, and networks we depend on every day. Compliance testing is essential because any level of incompatibility can be costly in time and money for vendors and end-users. Here’s a big surprise: if you peruse the compliance criteria, plug-and-play may be less robust than we might imagine. The underlying issue is the cascade of incompatibility percentages. When the interoperability numbers from connected devices are multiplied, the result is low enough to introduce significant risk. This is especially true for automated test systems.

Tellabs’ IP-POTS VoIP plug-in card wraps up SP voice migrations

Tellabs’ 1000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) Feature Package 18.0 (FP18), and the newly introduced Tellabs IP-POTS VoIP plug-in card, have entered the company’s Limited Availability product lifecycle process. Specifically introduced to “provide a graceful, and cost-effective, migration from analog voice to VoIP,”  the new Tellabs 1000 IP-POTS card enables SIP conversion of existing analog POTS, eliminating the need for TDM switch terminations.

Cat 6A cabling: Benefits, cautions and use-cases

Network and cabling professionals are likely to come across different Ethernet cabling standards over the course of their career. These range from legacy installs of CAT3 and CAT5e — to the modern ultra-high-performance data center CAT8 standard. Yet, for most access-layer installs, CAT6 and CAT6A are the two most common standards to choose from. This cabling will be responsible for connecting end devices such as PC’s, laptops, WiFi access points and a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Siemon’s New Interactive Guide Helps Owners and Operators Solve Today’s Data Center Challenges

Siemon has released its new WheelHouse® Interactive Data Center Guide, designed to make it easy for data center owners and operators to identify Siemon solutions for solving common data center challenges. The Guide is a visually appealing, easy-to-use web-based and mobile-friendly platform that guides users through a data center space where they can select from the key challenges facing managed service providers (MSPs) and other owners and operators.

Berk-Tek intros fiber ribbon cables, plus reduced-diameter Cat 6A cables

Berk-Tek this month announced the release of two new cable products.The company’s new, comprehensive line of fiber-optic ribbon cables delivers significant space savings for high-density applications. Also introduced was Berk-Tek’s LANmark-SST, a high-performing, small-diameter Category 6A cable which offers better flexibility, optimized cable management, and improved tray-fill ratio than the average Category 6A cable, making it ideal for high-density installations.