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The growing importance of fiber management in the data center – DCD

In hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, current fiber counts can be as high as 6,912 and even higher-count fibers are being manufactured. As more facilities embrace fiber-rich mesh architectures, the amount of fiber is only going to increase.
Managing the growing density of fibers and cables throughout data centers is becoming a full-time job. If not done well, the ramifications can be severe.

Examining single pair cabling technologies

Single pair cabling is intimately related to Single Pair Ethernet, a technology that has proven successful in other industries, particularly automotive production. For the past couple years, standards and product development activity have brought single pair cabling to the precipice of market introduction.
This roundtable-style conversation features the following individuals, whose companies are members of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC): Adnan Ahmed, technical advisory and solutions lead, Reichle & De-Massari; Valerie Maguire, distinguished engineer, Siemon; Harshang Pandya, general manager, test and measurement solutions, AEM; and Bob Voss, distinguished engineer, Panduit.

The world’s oldest book meets modern communications

By combining the oldest book in the world with future-forward communications technology, the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. has created a multicultural experience of immersive environments, interactive exhibits and rare artifacts. And to keep it all connected, the museum trusted Superior Essex to deliver numerous high-quality, reliable cabling solutions for voice, data, Power over Ethernet, and complex audio-visual (AV) applications—all working together to captivate generations of believers for decades to come. Read the full article at:

The 3 reasons hackers attack operational technology systems in smart buildings

While smart building technologies enable efficient, safe, healthy, and productive environments, they also expand the digital attack surface for cybercrimes that threaten to jeopardize business, endanger lives, and disrupt critical infrastructure. Unfortunately, the risk increases as more information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems and devices come online, making cybersecurity a critical issue for smart building owners and operators.

AEM, Superior Essex address smart building infrastructure, sustainability at GITEX in Dubai

AEM and Superior Essex Communications hosted a technology forum on Tuesday, October 19 in conjunction with GITEX Global in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. GITEX Global is the UAE’s annual technology event, highlighting innovations and digital advancements of the region.
The forum, titled PowerWise Technology Forum, included AEM’s manager of technical services Steve Cowles and Superior Essex’s vice president of marketing Brian Ensign, along with Superior Essex international sales director Paul Weintraub, Sinclair Digital chief executive officer Farukh Aslam, and Sinclair Digital chief business officer Luis Suau.
PowerWise is Superior Essex’s product line that supports Power over Ethernet transmission. The forum addressed a broad collection of topics related to smart building infrastructure, including a focus on sustainability.