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Testing Plug-Terminated Links—Internationally

The Modular Plug Terminated Link, or MPTL, where a horizontal cable run terminated on one end to an RJ-45 plug connects directly into a device, has become increasingly popular for connecting a variety of devices—from wireless access points and security cameras, to PoE lights and video displays—essentially wherever it’s deemed impractical or unsafe to deploy an outlet and equipment cord. Approved within ANSI-TIA 568.2-D as an option for connecting devices, MPTLs aren’t just popular in North America. But some of you have asked about regions that don’t follow TIA standards, and if it possible to test an MPTL to ISO/IEC or CENELEC standards. While the short answer is “not yet,” you can still make sure your MPTLs will perform.

Innovators wanted to develop augmented reality interfaces for first responders

The CHARIoT Challenge, sponsored by NIST, will award over $1 million in prizes for solutions that can emulate and transmit scenario-accurate data streams for augmented reality devices that will help public-safety personnel communicate and respond more efficiently. IoT devices streaming from smart buildings, city sensors and personnel monitors could provide first responders with real-time situational awareness.

Nokia boasts of 1.52 Tbit/s over single mode fiber

Nokia said it recorded speeds four times above the market’s current standard of 400 Gbit/s over fiber, transmitting at 1.52 Terabits per second (Tbit/s) over 80 km of standard single mode fiber — the equivalent of simultaneously streaming 1.5 million YouTube videos – which is four times the market’s current state-of-the-art of approximately 400 Gigabits per second.

Wi-Fi 6 – a Q&A for CIOs and network managers

Wi-Fi 6 is the next-generation wireless standard. It’s faster than previous versions but more than just speed, it provides better performance in high-traffic areas, such as schools, large offices, factories, shopping malls, airports, and stadiums. The technology allows more Wi-Fi devices on a single network, where access points can communicate with more devices at once. Access points can send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast, and Wi-Fi devices can schedule check-ins with the access point. Together with 5G, Wi-Fi 6 helps build a more connected, intelligent network with uninterrupted connectivity.

Advice on overcoming common PoE challenges

As many different applications increasingly adopt Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as phones, cameras, lighting, and access controls, IDEAL Networks is offering  advice to help IT technicians handle everyday PoE troubleshooting scenarios including: when a VoiP phone doesn’t work, a VoIP phone needs replacing with a higher power device, or an IP CCTV camera is stuck in boot cycle.

AEM: Ensuring Infrastructure Readiness Across Smart Building Technologies

The need for power and bandwidth is rapidly increasing, driving the adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Multi-Gig Ethernet (GigE) over copper cabling. Service providers that deploy and troubleshoot these networks face new challenges in certification of the cabling infrastructure along with being able to validate PoE and Multi-gigabit link speeds on a loaded infrastructure with a single solution.

Understanding PoE is now crucial for electricians

PoE testers can help electricians to cost-effectively conduct quick, accurate PoE validation, eliminating guesswork while getting the job done faster. In just a few short years the use of PoE has migrated from IT devices into building systems like lighting, HVAC and access control. However, the growth of PoE presents issues for electricians, who may have never had cause to work on anything other than traditional electrical cable infrastructure.