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Belden’s Digital Electricity Cables reach distances and wattages that PoE can’t

Belden’s Digital Electricity Cables are available in copper for power-only applications, and in hybrid copper/fiber constructions to transmit power and data over long distances in a single cable run.
The transmit up to 20 times more power or 20 times more distance than PoE: up to 2,000W or up to 2km reach in indoor and outdoor applications. Digital Electricity Cables support Internet of Things (IoT) and convergence in venues such as airport terminals, convention centers, hospitals, high-rise hotels, stadiums and office towers.

Panduit’s Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord enables tool-less polarity change

Panduit’s Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord supports tool-less, in-the-field polarity change and provides remarkable insertion loss performance, easy field moves/adds/changes, and a low profile to reduce cable-volume density. The cord’s compact dimensions can save up to 40% of termination space compared to conventional connectors. The patch cords are available in singlemode and multimode versions.

More Than Words: Bloom Where YOU are Planted

Establishing a group for Women in BICSI was a dream I nurtured for many years. This dream finally gained traction in 2014 when a core group of women met to establish a format to encourage women in the industry to gather together to share their experiences. Since then we’ve had annual meetings and networking sessions, established a LinkedIn page, developed a page on the BICSI website and sponsored a female candidate to the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge for the past five years.

Eliminating the blame game: How to test and certify your network for IoT readiness

Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices like multisensor cameras, digital lighting, HVAC systems and badge scanners now run off Power over Ethernet (PoE). While this makes those devices easier to install, it’s turning the network into a power distribution center. When PoE devices do not work as intended, the cabling contractor is often blamed for it, even though there are many possible causes for this problem. It’s important for cabling contractors to test for PoE load while installing cables to avoid this blame game among themselves, the network team, and the IoT device installers.

Report: Industrial PoE market is fragmented – yet accelerating

Technavio’s latest research report indicates that the Industrial Power Over Ethernet Market is forecast to grow to USD $37.54 million, at a CAGR of 6%, from 2019 to 2023. The emergence of smart factories will propel the demand for industrial Power over Ethernet during the forecast period, also supported by the advent of 5G communication technology, rise in adoption of IIoT connected devices in industrial processes, and the emerging standards in Power over Ethernet.

Power of good

As IoT devices continue to increase and applications scale up, infrastructure provisioning is becoming increasingly complex. The connected world requires a solution that can converge power and data infrastructure to satisfy the demand for triple-play services and power consumption demands of edge network assets – and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is emerging as a clear game changer.

Webinar: Optical-Fiber and Fiber-Optic Cabling Developments

Fiber is the medium of choice when data is mission-critical. Providers of optical fiber, fiber-optic cable, and fiber-optic connectivity have continuously revised and improved their products to better serve the exacting demands of end-user organizations. This webinar examines several technological advancements that have been made to multimode fiber-based systems and explores connectivity options. It provides detailed information on the fiber, cable, and connectivity types that are available, and describes how these fiber-based components can be incorporated into complete end-to-end systems.