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Prysmian Group and Panduit Join Forces to Launch White Paper Series for CORD Deployments

Prysmian Group and Panduit have developed a three-part White Paper series to introduce and support CORD deployments. The series describes the value of CORD, reviews the development of CORD through ONF, and explores the market drivers that require CORD and a few of the applications that decreased latency in the network that the CORD initiative can provide. It also features discussion on some of the physical infrastructure considerations involved in CORD, the products that are required to have a successful CORD physical infrastructure solution and how to efficiently install and utilize these products.

Edge Computing: New Support For Digital Twins

Because simulation requires computational resources and the associated data outputs are large, cloud computing ― with its scalability and relatively low cost ― has traditionally been the technology environment of choice for supporting digital twins. But today, edge computing has emerged as a promising alternative. Edge computing leverages local resources that are close to the physical product’s location, which means reduced latency, while improving responsiveness, agility and privacy.

Data Centers Are Surviving Hurricanes. But Are They Ready For Stormier Days Ahead?

Louisiana data centers withstood Hurricane Ida but can data centers keep dodging climate change? Despite the data center industry’s recent track record for resiliency, preventing downtime during disasters is only going to get more challenging, experts say. A growing need for data processing and storage, particularly near end users, means that more data centers are being built in areas prone to natural disasters, from hurricanes and tornados to wildfires. At the same time, climate change is making these events more frequent and increasingly severe.
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The New World of 400 Gbps Ethernet

The new IEEE Std 802.3bs-2017 standard for 400G and 200G Ethernet continues the rapid development of Ethernet to accommodate the increasing bandwidth demands of cloud data centers. The current 400G specifications cover only fiber optic media, pushing the limits of optical lane speeds and the number of parallel fibers in a link.