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Super-PON project seeks to push access networks further

The IEEE 802.3 working group is helping  fiber-optic communication firms reduce cost and complexity in optical distribution networks by building on the ‘Super-PON’ concept developed at Google Fiber. Super-PON envisions a FTTH architecture that supports longer distances between the central office and the customer, increasing from 20km today to 50km in up to 1,024 customers per fiber exiting a central office, compared to just 64 with today’s architectures. This enables a significant reduction of the number of central offices required to support PON services in access networks that provide connectivity to end-users in a certain area.

PON: Another dimension

As we start building 5G mobile networks, a new chapter of the PON story is being created. This time, the next PON technology is embracing a new paradigm to achieve higher capacity more efficiently. Leveraging the data centre ecosystem – rather than the transport systems that PON technologies have historically used – 25G PON represents the next stage in fibre evolution and a new dimension to the PON story.