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Fiber Connect 2023 seeks Proof of Concept demos on disruptive fiber trends

The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) has announced a call for Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrations that will be hosted at the association’s Fiber Connect 2023 conference in Orlando from August 20-23. Focused on “what fiber disrupts next,” as solicited by FBA, the PoCs will “focus on how fiber broadband enables markets and communities to create innovation and disruption, change market dynamics, and push the boundaries of what is possible.” Each PoC must demonstrate the benefits fiber brings to markets, industries, and/or communities as a fundamental enabler of disruption, growth, and potential. To submit a PoC, download the complete PoC Showcase instructions here and the PoC Submission Form & Agreement here. PoC submissions are due April 30, 2023.

Fiber everywhere requires PON components to handle everything

Over the next five years, an unprecedented era of building fiber networks will take place around the world, with passive optical networks (PON) making up a large portion of that construction. As networks are deployed in more places, and in more diverse and sometimes difficult-to-reach environments, the need to make sure the highest-quality optical components are within that network only increases. As operators look to lower operational costs to deploy, manage, and maintain network builds, PON components will be pushed out further into the fiber network.

Poster-sized reference guide simplifies PON deployments

The newly released Passive Optical Network (PON) Reference Guide from AFL contains: A PON glossary Splitter specifications Information PON standards Applications and solutions information for FTTx fiber installation, verification, activation and troubleshooting.
Upon completion of a short form, the handy reference poster is now available for download in a complimentary 24 x 36 inch hard copy, sized to hang on any wall.

Nokia unveils 100G PON for fiber broadband in U.S.

Nokia’s research arm, Nokia Bell Labs, presented what the company billed as the first 100Gb/second broadband technology in the U.S. at last month’s Fiber Connect 2022 (June 12-15) conference in Nashville, Tenn.
The technology prototype presented delivers 100Gb/s downstream speeds on a single PON wavelength, avoiding the need to combine multiple wavelengths carrying lower speeds, noted the company.

Passive optical LAN’s scalability meets Texas A&M Kyle Field’s future needs

The challenge for sports teams is how to keep fans coming to the stadium, when so many other options exist. Texas A&M wanted to take their fan experience to the next level by leveraging technology to create a stadium experience that students and fans would enjoy just as much as the game itself. This included new multimedia displays, both in the stadium and in the concourses, connected menu boards and operations in the concession areas, and excellent connectivity for both cellular and WiFi-connected devices in and around the stadium.

Pearson Technologies updates FTTH/PON hands-on training programs

Pearson Technologies recently updated three Fiber-To-The-Home/Passive Optical Network (FTTH/PON) hands-on training programs. One is an installation program, another a design program, and the third is a combination of design and installation. “Since the principles for design and installation of both FTTH/PON and optical LANs are similar, these programs develop the knowledge, skills and abilities (SKAs) for both,” Pearson Technologies said when announcing the updates.

Webinar: Power over Ethernet Updates: Certification, Cabling and Troubleshooting

While Power over Ethernet is a proven technology with more than a decade of usage, most integrators and users report issues ranging from minor to serious with their installations. Adoption of new standards are leading to deployment of high-power devices that will stress systems and cabling further. This webinar will discuss these problems and how to prevent them before installation even starts, and how to troubleshoot those that still show up.

Facilitating POLs over Existing Multimode Fiber Cabling Infrastructures with MPLC-enabled Technology

To meet the growing demand for high-speed and higher bandwidth, many companies believe they need to deploy single mode fiber. Since approximately 78% of optical fiber deployed in LANs is multimode, this would require an expensive upgrade. However, MPLC-enabled technology such as modal splitters, can make POL singlemode equipment compatible with MMF cabling.