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White Paper – Get Connected: Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things

The world of smart building technology is uniquely positioned to benefit from IoT. But, how can organizations – whether they’re large multi-national entities or small to medium-sized businesses – best integrate IoT to deliver significant transformation over time?
The following smart building IoT best practices should be taken into consideration: 1) Start small. Test IoT in your building before expanding. 2) Build a solid plan 3) Include all stakeholders.

RoCE or iWARP for Low Latency?

Enterprise customers will soon require the low latency networking that RDMA offers so that they can address a variety of different applications, such as Oracle and SAP, and also implement software-defined storage using Windows Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) or VMware vSAN. There are three protocols that can be used in RDMA deployment: RDMA over InfiniBand, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), and RDMA over iWARP. Given that there are several possible routes to go down, how do you ensure you pick the right protocol for your specific tasks?

Cisco and Dimension Data bond on co-innovation for 5G, IoT, Blockchain, Connected Conservation

Cisco and Dimension Data have announced a new co-innovation agreement that will allow them “to develop a deeper collaboration environment and framework to jointly solve clients’ business needs by utilizing Cisco’s global network of Co-Innovation Centers to drive collaboration in key areas such as 5G, Internet of Things, and Blockchain technologies.

IoT Community, Announces Exclusive Agenda for its 3rd Annual IoT Slam Live 2019 Conference

The Internet of Things Community (IoT Community)  has announced the exclusive agenda for its IoT Slam Live Conference, the 9th conference in the highly acclaimed and coveted series of IoT Slam events, taking place on June 20-21, at the Archie K. Davies Conference Center, in RTP, North Carolina, and broadcasting in real-time globally online, easily accessible on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Tracking and behavioral analysis in public places

When is it appropriate to track behavior in public spaces? IoT technology makes it possible to track behaviors through visual systems or the interaction between dedicated hardware and personal devices. But does that make it right? The EU-funded PATH project is developing an approach that balances public safety with individuals’ right to privacy. This could be used for gauging crowd size and monitoring crowd flows for public safety and commercial purposes.