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Single Pair Ethernet Live Demonstration

At the BICSI Fall Conference, SenTekse founder Chris DiMinico demonstrated a working Single Pair Ethernet system. DiMinico, whose roots in the structured cabling industry go back to Digital Equipment Corporation, has spent decades leading the development of new networking technologies. With his attention now focused on Single Pair Ethernet, DiMinico demonstrated the technology for us and discussed why it is a practical, cost-effective networking option for several environments.

TE Connectivity to Host Single Pair Ethernet Fundamentals Course

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has partnered with RealPars, the world’s largest online learning platform for cutting-edge industrial technologies, to offer an exclusive course on the fundamentals of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) interconnect technology. The course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of SPE technology and its benefits, as well as an overview of the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the field. SPE solutions can help reduce complexity and costs and enable operations to go beyond their current capabilities in supporting smart manufacturing

The Impact Of Smart Buildings On Facilities Management

The transformation from traditional structures to smart buildings is reshaping the domain of facilities management. With a projection of 150%+ increase in the number of smart buildings worldwide, climbing from 45 million to 115 million in just five years, the impact of this shift is bound to be significant. Smart buildings provide a 360-degree view of a building’s operations, aiding in predictive maintenance, standards compliance, enhancing occupant experience and improving sustainability. However, the question remains: Are smart buildings a boon or a bane for facilities management?.