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Webinar: Power over Ethernet Standards and Cabling

The eight-position eight-contact connector has become the truly global power interface, thanks to the worldwide adoption of standards-based Power over Ethernet technology. While PoE serves hundreds of millions of outlets and has been a proven technology for well over a decade, deploying PoE is not as simple as plugging in and forgetting about it. Issues such as interoperability, backward compatibility, and cabling-plant capability require consideration and action. This webinar explores several aspects of Power over Ethernet, describing the steps users and technicians can take to ensure a standard-compliant and technically capable system is in place.

How It Works: 5G | Glass Age | Corning

5G networks are all the buzz. What you may not know is that optical fiber will play a role in their delivery. Certain services and applications rely upon low latency – the elapsed time between the sending and receiving of data – and ultra-reliability. All those requirements are of more importance and demand compared to previous mobile standards.The technology that enables these wireless connections? Optical fiber.

Panduit | Electrical and Network Cables, Connectivity, Wire Management

This webinar, ‘Connecting and Protecting the Edge on the Plant Floor’, will discuss edge data sources, computing platforms, and secured networking architectures in Industrial environments. Data originated at the edge can only reach its intended cloud computing platforms with the right structured architecture that insures; real-time, secured and safe operations to machines, human, and industrial systems.

Webinar: Edge Data Centers

The characteristics that define an edge data center also inform many requirements for the infrastructure within the facility. High-speed networking, a compact footprint, little or no on-site staff, and high reliability are among the attributes of an edge data center that place exacting demands on data center systems. This webinar focuses on edge data centers and the cabling, power and infrastructure components needed.

Webinar: High-Capacity Cabling Systems

To support applications that demand both high bandwidth and large number of connections, installers and technicians are now working with cables containing thousands of optical fibers. This Webinar on High Capacity Cabling Systems looks at the challenges of working with high fiber count cables to support bandwidth intense and high connectivity systems. Learn about the practical implications of terminating the individual fibers and managing the installed plant. Earn one BICSI CEC.

Documenting Cabling Installations

The ability to manage an installed cabling system relies heavily on the extent to which that system is documented. Whether the task is troubleshooting, moves/adds/changes, or any other event that requires a technician to locate and work with cables, accurate and easy-to-understand documentation of the cabling circuits ensures efficiency and eliminates wasted time. In this webinar, experts from Brother Mobile Solutions and Fluke Networks explore best practices and modern technologies that keep cabling systems documented and easy to manage.

Webinar: the Road to Single-mode Fiber

This Webinar addresses the factors driving the adoption of SMF in short reach data center applications, duplex vs. MTP options, understanding insertion loss budgets, optimizing your cabling system for density,  cable and end face testing tips, and trouble shooting using an OTDR. Great information to make sure you put your SMF project on the right track.

Webinar: Designing infrastructure for industrial or manufacturing networks

Designing the physical infrastructure for a network in an industrial or manufacturing facility requires careful consideration to identify the right cable media to deploy. Many factors play a role in the selection of the optimum products for any given design. Referencing TIA-1005-A “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial Premises,” provides insight into environmental factors and work areas that will drive the selection of these materials, be it a fiber or copper cabling subsystem. This webinar introduces the specifications and requirements defined in this standard, as well as design and installation procedures for industrial networks. The seminar also will offer solutions that will enable a robust industrial network deployment.