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Not Exactly in the Limelight – Yet.

Is OM5 needed? Last year the IEEE P802.3cm task force began working on a new standard for 400 Gb/s over multimode fiber that in addition to 400GBASE-SR8 over eight lanes (16 fibers total) using 24- or 16-fiber MPO connectors also includes 400GBASE-SR4.2 that operates over four two-short wavelength division multiplexed (SWDM) lanes (8 fibers total) using a standard 12-fiber MPO. Since OM5 is optimized for SWDM, this could finally push it into the limelight. However, since the new standard leverages existing two-wavelength technology that will ensure operation up to 100 meters of OM4 cabling, the question remains as to whether people will make the leap.

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