Senko’s SN Uniboot connector takes home Platinum ‘Cabling Innovators’ honors

Senko Advanced Components’ SN Uniboot connector was awarded Platinum Cabling Innovators honors by Cabling Installation & Maintenance at the at the recent BICSI Fall Conference 2022 (Sep. 25-29) in Las Vegas. The SN Uniboot is a connector with a revolutionary design that allows four SN duplex connectors to be patched simultaneously in one operation. Unlike 8-fiber MPO connectors comprising single polymer ferrules, the SN Uniboot’s design utilizes eight ceramic 1.25 mm ferrules that deliver carrier-grade performance and reliability. Originally designed for use in multi-channel 400G data center transceivers within spine/leaf architectures, the SN also excels when deployed as a backbone trunk solution.

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