Webinar: 400G/800G Data Center Network Demands


The introduction of 400 Gbits/sec and now 800 Gbits/sec has created greater efficiencies to provide low-latency network access with significantly increased bandwidth, critical for hyperscale and cloud-scale organizations. We now have options for 50G lanes for 400 Gbits/sec as well as the beginning of 100G lanes that will soon enable 800G. Standards exist and are evolving to support these.

As a result, there are new transceiver and connector options along with singlemode and multimode fiber constructions to deliver data where you need it, when you need it, cost-effectively—helping to alleviate the network challenges of a remote, online workforce. These changes, while very positive, have architectural and on-site implications that involve network, cable infrastructure, installation and testing. This panel presentation and discussion will address these technology trends from different perspectives across the data center ecosystem.

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