Prysmian offers Sirocco Extreme 180-µm microduct fiber cable

Prysmian’s new Sirocco Extreme 180-µm microduct fiber cable leverages the company’s BendBrightXS 180-µm single-mode fiber to create a cable that fits 288 fibers into a diameter of 6.5 mm. That translates to a fiber density of 8.7 fibers per square millimeter and enables the installation of the full 288 fiber count into an 8-mm ID duct.The use of PicoTube technology enables Sirocco Extreme fiber cables to be up to 40% smaller than other Sirocco microduct cables which enables more fibers to be installed in congested ducts as well as the use of smaller ducts for new installations. Overall, resulting in lower installation costs and the use of less raw materials.

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