Omnitron launches 60W and 90W fiber-to-PoE media converters per 802.3bt standard

Omnitron has launched its IEEE802.3bt OmniConverter GHPoEBT/S fiber to 60 and 90 Watts PoE Power Sourcing (PSE) Media Converters product line. Utilizing the new 802.3bt standard, Omnitron’s GHPoEBT/S fiber to PoE media converter and power injector meet network demands where fiber data reach, high PoE power, and interoperability is required and expected. The OmniConverter GHPoEBT/S is an unmanaged multi-port media-converter/injector with different fiber, and 10M/100M/1G RJ45 copper port, models available. Units are available with one or two 60 and 90 Watts power ports; models also support the 802.3af (15 Watts) and 802.3at (30 Watts) PD devices. Units with two fiber ports can be daisy chained or deployed in a redundant fiber topology for critical applications.

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