Did we just witness the most high-tech Super Bowl ever? – Nigeria IoT Blog

Super Bowl LIII was the most technologically advanced in history. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta features a dedicated approach to connectivity; 2,000 wireless access points provides the equivalent 280,000+ sq ft of outdoor coverage (roughly five football fields). The stadium also boasts 4,000 miles of fiber optics and 90 miles of audio cables – laid out in a line, this would be enough to go from Atlanta, to the home of the Rams in Los Angeles, and back again! Fans get individual notifications, alerts and updates based on their location, mobile ticketing, and even an API-powered parking chat bot that will help fans find a good spot. In addition, the NFL is using a range of sensors, worn by the players and placed inside the footballs themselves, to measure player speed and overall movement. Over the past 4 seasons these RFID sensors have provided coaches with a wealth of data on the fitness, power and overall performance of each player on the field, data that’s also shared with the media.

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