Splicing 200 micron ribbon cables: Getting started on the right foot

The introduction of 200µm coated fibers in the market has created a paradigm shift in cable and splicing technology because if you wnt to ribbonize 200µm loose fibers for mass fusion splicing, standard technology will not support this fiber type. 200µm fibers do not naturally fall into all 12 V-grooves like traditional 250µm fibers because the 50µm reduction in diameter also reduces the fiber pitch. Pitch is the spacing between two successive corresponding points, for example, the spacing from tooth to tooth in a comb. In this case, pitch refers to the spacing between adjacent fiber cores. As a result of this diameter and pitch change, the 12 fiber ribbon width has shrunken significantly enough to prevent fibers from aligning with their respective V-groove. In order to mass fusion splice these fibers, separate solutions are needed.

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