Will new QXB parallel optical connector’s expanded beam technology make fiber cleaning unnecessary?

In a presentation at last month’s 44th ECOC event in Rome, R&M showed how connector contact pressure, inspection, and error search steps are eliminated by the company’s QXP parallel optical design, which is based on expanded beam technology.

R&M presented a study on the innovative development of its new parallel optical connectors, dubbed the QXB series. The connectors rely on expanded beam technology developed together with Data Speed Control GmbH, a data center services provider based in Eisenberg, Germany. In the connectors, fused silica lenses are responsible for the transmission of light between the optical fibers. The lenses, made of high-purity fused silica, do away with the need for physical contact between the ends of the optical fibers. They form an array on the endface of the connector. One lens is assigned to every fiber. With multimode fibers, the beam can be increased sixteenfold, with singlemode fibers sevenfold.

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