SANTEC’s latest high-speed tunable laser source (model: TSL-770) delivers upgrades in speed, accurac | OFC

In 1987, santec (headquarters located in Komaki City, Japan) introduced the world’s first external cavity single mode semiconductor tunable laser source. Santec has brought all the experience and knowledge gained over the past 30 years, to the all-new 7th generation of their High Performance, High Speed TSL series tunable laser. A ground up redesign of the laser resonator and control electronics make the TSL-770 our fastest tuning, widest scanning, lowest noise and narrowest linewidth laser ever. With models available in the 1260-1650nm range, the flexible TSL-770 is ideal choice for a wide range of applications; improving throughput, accuracy and precision in production, R&D and basic research. A proprietary resonator design enhances Q value and wavelength stability, opening doors for photonic investigations in the most cutting-edge of research applications.

Read the source article at ofcconference.org

Categories: Electronics, Fiber, SCN, Trade Shows

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