Cabling and Splicing Performance of an Ultra-Low Loss, Optimized Effective Area Fiber for Terrestrial Long Haul Applications

Data traffic on optical networks continues to expand at a steady rate year-over-year. Ongoing growth in mobile data traffic and video streaming has been joined by the large-scale rollout of cloud computing, where data is served from hyper-scale data centers to users around the world. This increase in data traffic is putting stress on existing long-haul optical networks, creating demand for new long-haul optical network capacity. In response to this demand, a new G.654.B compliant fiber has been designed that will allow network operators to reduce overall system costs of long-haul networks. This fiber combines ultra-low loss with an optimized effective area that is 49% larger than the effective area of standard G.652.D fiber. As a result, operators can maximize the distance between signal amplification and regeneration sites. This paper describes cabling performance of the new fiber in stranded loose tube optical cables.

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