Old school meets new school in fiber connectivity – Cabling Install

Have you ever considered how much more information and what an increase in tools and technology the average person today has to have and effectively use versus 20 years ago? After all, today almost anyone can learn the skills necessary to complete almost any task, from growing tomatoes in your back yard to replacing a part on the family car. All it takes is a few searches of the internet via smartphone or computer, then watching and reading the volume of articles and videos that cover the subjects. Technology and information delivery have clearly expanded our ability to take on and successfully complete new and novel tasks. In many cases, it is not only a convenience to have these abilities, but in most fields today it is a necessity. Several years ago, we might not have attempted many tasks or jobs without some type of normal training or apprenticeship. This training or apprenticeship, while often costly and time-consuming, was the only way to effectively gain the proficiency necessary to do a job correctly. This was particularly true if the job involved terminating fiber-optic cables with optical fiber connectors.

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