Preparing for the New Normal: IoT (Internet of Things) | Graybar Data Communications Blog

Billions of previously standalone devices are set to connect to our networks in the next five years. And we’re not just talking about smartphones. These Internet-connected devices include everything from vending machines and lighting fixtures to digital signage screens, surveillance cameras and wireless access points (WAPs).

Each with its own IP address, these devices remotely transfer data to and from the network – and to and from each other. Networks can carry this data into applications and platforms that help us collect and examine it to identify trends, pinpoint potential problems and inform our decisions. We will have more information at our fingertips than ever before. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), and it will change the way buildings, homes and entire industries function. Schools, industrial sites, hospitals, hotels, multifamily facilities, government organizations and businesses will connect to the physical world around them in a new way.

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