Data center standard under revision: TIA-942-B is in the works – Cabling Install

In late 2015 the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) issued a call for interest for the standard titled TIA-942-B, which will be the second (“B”) revision to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. As an ANSI-accredited standard-development organization, TIA revises its standards on a five-year cycle. The TIA-942-A standard was published in 2012.

In its call for interest, the TIA explained that the 942 set of standards “specifies the minimum requirements for telecommunications infrastructure of data centers and computer rooms, including single-tenant enterprise data centers and multi-tenant Internet hosting data centers. The topology specified in standards is intended to be scalable to any size data center.”

The association further explained that this standard “serves as a critical tool to evaluate existing data centers and communicate design requirements for new data centers. These include cabling, facility and network design elements.”

At its January 2016 meeting, TR-42.1 agreed to issue the current draft of TIA-942-B for committee ballot. That ballot was completed in April. A substantial element in the balloting process is resolving comments made by committee members. The committee ballot that wrapped up in April produced more than 100 pages of comments, which will be resolved when TR-42.1 meets again June 15 and 16.


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