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Liz Goldsmith

Connected devices continue to pose a major risk to organizations

New research for Forescout has revealed that connected devices continue to pose considerable and wide-reaching security risks to organizations across all sectors as many of these devices are still susceptible to both known and older vulnerabilities. Many critical devices – be that HVAC systems, power supply appliances or medical devices like infusion pumps – across all sectors can still be easily compromised using known vulnerabilities.

Kyoto Semiconductor develops high-speed photodiode with 400Gbps transmission speed

Kyoto Semiconductor has developed a high-speed photodiode KP-H KPDEH12L-CC1C to support 400Gbps transmission systems that use PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4) inside and between data centers. With the introduction of this InGaAs photodiode, the company is continually supporting the increasing speeds and capacity requirements for transmission systems in 5G networks and beyond. Mass production will start in November, 2020.

How To Survive the Coronavirus and Thrive

Data centers remain crucial to businesses’ survival during the pandemic. As more companies transition into remote work, their use of cloud services has skyrocketed. This rapid adoption wouldn’t be possible without the versatility and provision of data centers. Cloud usage aside, internet traffic has increased as a whole, putting more pressure on data centers. Without a reliable network, much of life in quarantine wouldn’t be possible. If data centers weren’t as robust as they are, this heightened traffic could have meant disaster.

Data Center Site Selection

Identifying a new location for a data center is not only a critical decision, it can have extreme consequences for all departments. Having a process in place for the site selection team is imperative for success. The process should be viewed as the foundation of every project and every team will build off it.

Cabling best practices with immersion cooling

Exactly how do data center owners and operators manage their cabling when their servers are immersed in liquid coolant?
Immersion cooling manufacturers understand the need for cable management when designing their cooling racks. Because the servers themselves are completely immersed, the cable connections are also made under the surface of the coolant. While the liquid used to cool sensitive IT equipment is non-conductive and non-flammable, it can damage certain types of cabling. Some PVC cable jackets stiffen over time from being immersed in the liquid coolant. Data center operators may choose to continue to use low-cost cabling with PVC jackets, like Ethernet cables, and simply swap them out when they stiffen. Otherwise, it’s best to use cables with synthetic rubber cladding, which the liquid coolant does not affect.

COVID-19 Is Pushing Evolution of Smart Building Technology

From social safety nets to building technology, COVID-19 has forced us to notice a lot of the failings of things we take for granted. Smart building technology needs to expand and improve in order to help keep tenants and residents safe and comfortable in a post-pandemic society. Here are some of the ways that smart technology and tech policies can grow to fill these newly-uncovered needs: Supply chains and cybersecurity; at home risk management; smart disinfection; distributed energy systems & disaster preparedness; and social distancing & emissions.

What does it take to make a smart building?

Connected buildings offer great opportunities for the wellbeing and satisfaction of the building’s users. A great example of a human-centric approach to smart building solution is TietoEVRY Empathic Building, where the entire IoT service is built around creating the best possible working environment. The employee satisfaction over their working environment is known to ripple down to better work efficiency, motivation and fewer sick leaves. Measuring the temperature, CO2 levels and humidity are just some of the ways smart buildings can help in creating a better work environment or customer experience.