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Liz Goldsmith

What’s the Deal with Industry 4.0 (and How Do We Deal with It)?

As industrial revolutions go, Industry 4.0 is decidedly different. Whereas the three preceding industry disruptions focused on making the production process faster and more efficient, the fourth Industrial Revolution is about connecting people, information and processes. As such, it has the potential to radically alter not just the business of manufacturing, but how enterprises of all kinds operate.

Why FiberLert is a Game Changer in Fiber Optics

FiberLert is essentially a voltage detector-like tool from the electrical world that has been reinvented to work in the fiber world, a fiber optic tester that is hypersensitive to the presence of a live optical signal without physical contact. It is not only useful as a troubleshooting and polarity tool, but as a safety tool to verify disconnection prior to inspection with a direct-view inspection scope. It is easy to use with minimal training and is useful in so many ways.

Global data center cooling market seen soaring past $44B by 2027

BIS Research, the global leader in providing market intelligence on deep technologies, has released its latest study, entitled, Data Center Cooling Market – A Global and Regional Analysis.
According to this study, the global data center cooling market was valued at $17.82 billion in 2021 — and is projected to balloon to $44.52 billion by 2027.
As noted by Debraj Chakraborty, principal analyst with BIS Research: “With the emerging data center cooling technologies, there are opportunities to emphasize retrofitting data centers. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can be facilitated with the help of better and more efficient cooling techniques. Moreover, innovative data center cooling systems will augment the number of edge data centers.”

UL Solutions unveils SPIRE Qualification Program for smart buildings

UL Solutions this month announced the SPIRE Qualification Program, which empowers third-party building professionals to broaden their skill set and business by learning to conduct a SPIRE Smart Building Assessment.
The SPIRE Qualification Program is part of the SPIRE Smart Buildings Program, an objective assessment and rating program for smart buildings created in a partnership between the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and UL Solutions.

CI&M parent EBM unveils ‘Market Moves Infrastructure’ newsletter

Each week this month, CI&M parent company Endeavor Business Media (EBM) will be launching 5 new cross-market “Market Moves” newsletters, covering key industry sectors which transect the breadth of EBM’s publications.
As the first installment of the 5 new cross-market “Market Moves” newsletters, EBM has today officially launched its Market Moves Infrastructure newsletter.

Do Not Strip the Cladding When Stripping Fibers

When the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) began online certification testing, the results showed an unusual area of confusion. 25% of the test-takers missed the answer to what should have been a simple question: “What do you strip when you strip fiber for splicing or termination?” Instead of answering “the buffer coating,” a quarter of students answered that you strip the cladding. Even some instructors on their instructor certification exams answered that question incorrectly.