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Liz Goldsmith

Why Manufacturer Cable Warranties are So Important

Looking at copper and fiber cabling plants, one of the best ways to gain more value is to ensure it comes with a long-term replacement warranty directly from the cable manufacturer. Obtaining a full manufacturer’s warranty can only be accomplished through cable certification testing. Without proving passing certification test results, your cabling will not be fully covered by most manufacturer warranties. In this article, we’re going to explore what a cable manufacturing warranty is, why you want one and how to best obtain a warranty for future cable installs.

Self-Cleaning Optical Fiber Powers Supercontinuum Light Sources | Research & Technology | May 2022 |

Using two types of glass with different refractive indexes and that are stacked in a specific arrangement, researchers developed a multimode fiber with a parabolic refractive index that enabled transmission up to the mid-infrared and high nonlinearity. The spectrum of short pulses of light injected into the fiber massively broadened, to span from the visible to mid-infrared. The light beam remained smooth because of self-cleaning dynamics induced by the parabolic refractive index. Such a light source, with and ultrabroad spectrum, smooth beam, and high power, could be used in environmental sensing or high-resolution imaging for medical diagnostics.

The Emergence of Hyperscale Edge Computing

The definition of edge computing is expanding. With high internet-dependent and virtual data flood becoming the stumbling blocks needed to be removed as well as the development of more sophisticated services and storage demand, the future calls for hyperscale edge computing, an evolve data center that is scalable, highly efficient in performance, provides lowest latency and smarter data processing.

6 Benefits of Edge Computing You Need To Know

In edge computing the computing happens close to the “edge” of the network rather than in a central location. With less traveling distance and more data sources to navigate, benefits include: ease of supporting other tech solutions; fewer privacy leaks because of faster response time; better connectivity and less overload on the server; scalability; 5G capability; and lower costs.

AES 256 algorithm towards Data Security in Edge Computing Environment

Today, enormous volumes of data are generated by a growing number of sensors and smart IoT devices, and ever-increasing processing power is moving the core of calculations and services from the cloud to the network’s edge. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have opened up a plethora of new options for resolving security problems in the context of Edge Computing, where security and privacy have become key considerations.

Jonathan Jew recognized as TIA’s most-engaged member

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) recently announced winners of its inaugural TIA Star Awards, which recognize the association’s most active companies and individuals for their contributions to the advancement of TIA, as well as industry objectives and initiatives.
Jonathan Jew, president of J&M Consulting, earned the top individual honor and Motorola Solutions earned the top company honor.