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Liz Goldsmith

Viavi unveils rugged field testers for cable and fiber broadband networks

Viavi Solutions has introduced new test and measurement solutions to help service providers and contractors validate, qualify and troubleshoot cable and fiber broadband networks. The two new solutions from Viavi, the DSP TDR Time Domain Reflectometer and the OCC-4056C DWDM Optical Channel Checker, deliver fast and accurate performance analysis and troubleshooting to ensure successful network installation and operation.

Pre-Terminated Cabling System – Boon or Bane for Data Centers

The core advantage of pre-terminated cables is modularity. For an office with an open space concept, the pre-terminated cables allow quick reconfigurations such as additions or changes within the workspace. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of storing the unused cable, cleaning of connector scrap and the need for tools for field installations such as crimping tool, tester. However, this takes up front planning and accurate measurements or you may end up with wastage — or worse — as no changes can be made on site.

Implementing Next-Gen PON Technologies Over Existing Fiber Infrastructure

One of the advantages of a POL network is that when new services are introduced which require dedicated/higher bandwidth and greater speeds, a smooth, targeted and cost-efficient evolution of the network can be achieved without the need for a forklift upgrade. With  POL solutions and GPON technologies evolution can happen gradually, adding the additional capabilities only where the network needs more throughput. The only changes are to the electronics at each end of the network so there is no need to swap cables or upgrade cabling.

Don’t Build Intelligent Buildings with Dumb Security

Smart grids, smart cities, smart factories, smart buildings. The list goes on and on. Smart technology advancements, driven by the IoT and machine learning are being introduced at a furious pace. What is largely ignored is how dumb security is when it comes to making these smart things work. ICT designers and installers need to understand current and emerging IoT landscapes to better evaluate whether the unikernal security infrastructure is a viable solution for their enterprise customers.

Belden acquires Opterna

Belden has acquired Opterna, which provides fiber-optic products and systems. When announcing the acquisition in May, Belden said it will manage Opterna alongside PPC Broadband, which provides coaxial, fiber-optic, and twisted-pair cable primarily for last-mile applications.

Alaska Will Finally Get Its Own Fiber-Optic Line

On Wednesday, MTA, a cooperatively owned telco with about 30,000 customers, announced the construction of a new 100-terabit-per-second fiber-optic line between North Pole, near Fairbanks, and Alcan Border, where it will connect with Canadian carriers, and ultimately the Lower 48. MTA CEO Michael Burke says construction has already begun and is expected to be complete next year.