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Liz Goldsmith

Copper versus optical: The battle in backplane interconnects

The debate over copper vs. optical transmission mediums started the minute it was realized that photons could be used to transmit data. Since then, engineers have been trying to develop methods to economically and practically use various optical transmission methods to move computer data at very high rates. Optical fiber cable is widely used, but optical backplane interconnects remain a rarity. What is the status of embedded optical lanes in a backplane? This article examines current efforts in the rivalry between copper and optical backplane interconnects.

Legrand introduces Infinium Quantum: the ‘lowest loss’ optical fiber system for advanced data centers

Available in both singlemode and multimode versions, Legrand’s patent-pending Infinium Quantum systems offer the industry’s lowest channel link loss at 0.75dB. The system has been designed to allow the fastest and most reliable migration path to 400G and beyond by reducing or eliminating the need to replace cabling components.

Egypt’s building a new capital: Inside the smart city in the desert

Egypt’s new capital, being built between the Nile and the Suez Canal, will be the country’s first smart city. The strategic vision for this smart city includes integrating its smart infrastructure to provide many services such as: smart monitoring of traffic congestion and accidents, smart utilities to reduce consumption and cost, smart buildings and energy management including a focus on renewable energy and using IoT to save power consumption, as well as “building optical-fiber infrastructure connecting every building using FTTX technology.

Will Robots Usher in the Lights-Out Data Center? •

The idea of using robots to automate data center operations has been the object of years science experiments and proof of concepts. In November, a data center startup called TMGcore demonstrated a robotic system that can replace servers housed within an immersion cooling tank. This ability to swap out servers creates new possibilities in the industry’s long-running effort to create a “lights out” unmanned data center. Which raises a question: Are we on the verge of a new frontier in data center automation?

How a network tap enhance network security | Insight

There are a number of steps that organizations can take to ensure a more secure cloud environment. One technology currently used in network monitoring systems is tap (traffic access point). A tap is a passive component that allows non-intrusive access to data flowing across the network and enables monitoring of network links. A tap uses passive optical splitting to transmit inline traffic to an attached monitoring device without data stream interference, thus ensuring no disruption to the live network.