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Liz Goldsmith

The Weak Point of the Web – Undersea Internet Cables

According to TechRadar, “Around 380 undersea cables carry over 99.5% of all transoceanic data, running for 750,000 miles across the ocean floor. These fiber optic wires connect the massive data centers supporting cloud behemoths such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.” There are over 100 cable breaks per year. In developed countries, these breaks go largely unnoticed because of redundant systems. But in some places, a single fiber cable can supply internet for millions of people.

Infinera and Corning Achieve 800G Across 800 Kilometers with ICE6

Infinera and Corning demonstrated 800G single wavelength transmission with Infinera’s sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology across 800 km on Corning’s TXF® optical fiber. This record-breaking achievement was accomplished using Corning’s state-of-the-art TXF fiber, an ITU-T G.654.E compliant, ultra-low-loss, silica-core fiber with large effective area and the advanced features of Infinera’s vertically integrated ICE6 technology.

Verizon runs 800 Gbps of data across single wavelength of live fiber

Verizon, in conjunction with Ciena and Juniper Networks, have demonstrated the ability to move 800 Gbps of data on a single wavelength. The successful trial on Verizon’s live fiber network showed equipment interoperability from two different suppliers and the capability to quadruple the typical capacity carried on a wavelength. The test traffic was transmitted between two Juniper Networks QFX 5220 packet platforms across two Ciena 6500 platforms powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) coherent optics.

4 Things IoT is Changing for the Better

IoT has limitless potential when it comes to its widespread impacts on various industries around the world, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. These four industries are further proof of how the increasing adoption of IoT technology will have a positive impact in the very near future: banking, design & manufacturing, healthcare, and the rise of smart cities.

Hyperscale Data Center Drives the Global Cloud Revolution

The rise of hyperscale computing has created a new paradigm in the data center business, changing the landscape for providers and customers alike. Hyperscale companies have become the largest customers for leasing wholesale and build-to-suit data center space. As a result, these customers hold huge sway over data center development, which has evolved rapidly to adapt to larger requirements. Download the special report.

Connecting One of the World’s Greenest Data Centers

For site owners at Green Mountain, the transition from ammunition storage facility to data center was not without challenges. They were faced with confined spaces, existing structures, and the need to install a reliable piping system to cool the server racks. But despite the challenges, it also offered many benefits, including the cold Norwegian climate to keep data cool at lower costs and the vast supply of hydroelectric power.

Reliable Copper Patch Cords: The Missing Link in Your Network?

Despite the fact that they’re often overlooked, patch cords play a crucial role in the transmission quality of your channel – and not all patch cords are created equal. If copper patch cords don’t function as expected, they can decrease transmission rates and network throughput – regardless of how well the rest of your cabling infrastructure works. Investments in high-performance cable and connectivity are lost if unreliable patch cords create the final connection between one device and another.