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Liz Goldsmith

OFC 2021 to go fully virtual

The organizers of OFC 2021 (June 6-11) announced yesterday that the conference will be fully virtual. The technical conference content will be available live and on demand. Trending new topics include the potential impact of quantum communications and machine learning on network operations and how optics may support machine learning and neuromorphic computing.

The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week

High-frequency silicon chips with an ultra-thin polymer cable can build a data transfer system ten times faster than a USB. The new system design is more compact and cost-efficient than traditional copper wire and draws far less power. The new transfer link could dramatically cut energy use at power-hungry data centers. With speeds of 105 gigabits per second, it also could address the bandwidth challenges as we see this megatrend toward more and more data continues.
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Fiber Broadband Association expands leadership team to meet industry demand

The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) today announced it has strengthened its core staff of marketing and membership leadership to support the association’s growing initiative to advocate for the entire fiber ecosystem and advance fiber-based broadband deployments everywhere. This expanded team of experts will help expand FBA research, build member resources and drive awareness of the impact and superiority of fiber in the broadband network.

Why are smart buildings important? —

A smart building is a living asset that is utilised by building and facility managers to improve operations. It is connected, using technology to automate processes and control building services including lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, etc. This is achieved through a network of sensors, wired and wireless technology and microchips to collect and aggregate data into a user interface which takes the guess work out of building control and maintenance.