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Liz Goldsmith

5 technology hurdles for centrally managed smart buildings

Unlike IT — which has an abundance of standardized protocols, open source integrations and API hooks for centralized management and control — in-building operational technologies (OT) are not quite as fortunate. This article reviews five issues involved with centrally managing building technologies such as lighting, HVAC, elevators and smart meters to gauge the likelihood that these systems can truly be managed through a single administration and monitoring platform.

Wet-to-dry fiber cleaning: A good way to ensure network reliability

Expert opinions vary, but many agree that up to 75% of all fiber network problems are caused by contamination of patch cords, adapters, alignment sleeves or transceivers. Dirty endface connectors in particular are a real hazard to modern fiber-optic networks. The higher the light frequency in a network, the greater its sensitivity to contamination. This means that faster 5G networks, which need every milliwatt of power to function flawlessly, are more vulnerable to contamination.