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Liz Goldsmith

Thermal Management Trends in Data Centers

Data centers, whether they are multi-story hyperscale facilities in excess of 10 MW or small facilities designed to reduce latency at the edge of the network, require a means to reject the heat generated by the servers. The methods for achieving this are changing along with the industry as the demand for efficiency and sustainability continues to increase. Cooling methods may vary depending on facility size and location, but one thing remains constant: reliable thermal management is a mission critical requirement.

More Than Words: Bloom Where YOU are Planted

Establishing a group for Women in BICSI was a dream I nurtured for many years. This dream finally gained traction in 2014 when a core group of women met to establish a format to encourage women in the industry to gather together to share their experiences. Since then we’ve had annual meetings and networking sessions, established a LinkedIn page, developed a page on the BICSI website and sponsored a female candidate to the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge for the past five years.

Eliminating the blame game: How to test and certify your network for IoT readiness

Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices like multisensor cameras, digital lighting, HVAC systems and badge scanners now run off Power over Ethernet (PoE). While this makes those devices easier to install, it’s turning the network into a power distribution center. When PoE devices do not work as intended, the cabling contractor is often blamed for it, even though there are many possible causes for this problem. It’s important for cabling contractors to test for PoE load while installing cables to avoid this blame game among themselves, the network team, and the IoT device installers.

3D modeling helps prove Smart City benefits

The Finnish capital of Helsinki is currently in the process of proving that digitalization can minimize the waste of time and resources as well as improve productivity and growth. An early adopter of smart city technology and modeling, it launched the Helsinki 3D+ project to create a three-dimensional representation of the city using reality capture technology provided by the software company Bentley Systems for geocoordination, evaluation of options, modeling, and visualization.

Correct Fiber Cleaning Critical to 5G Success

To provide the kind of faultless multi-gigabyte service promised by 5G, the fibre used in networks must be properly installed and maintained correctly. Therefore, it is important to address the need for the effective training of technicians. The deployment of 5G networks will only be successful if a skilled workforce is created who understand the correct way in which to carry out all of the processes.

Notes From an Autodidact: What I’m Learning About Fiber Optics Now

Last month, I wrote about how a newcomer could get started in fiber optics and learn the basics. What if you are already experienced in fiber optics and want to keep up with new technology? I can empathize with you. I have been in this industry a long time and have seen many changes. I learn new things often. To continue writing about fiber optics and creating technical references for others, I have to work hard to keep up.