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Liz Goldsmith

Keeping Structures Connected: Updated Standards for Telecom Cabling Including Popular New Field Terminable Plugs

Recently, the demand for field terminable plugs has increased to keep up with growth in high-bandwidth wireless access points and other online devices like surveillance cameras, LED lighting, motion sensors, display panels and building automation equipment. Field terminable plugs are also needed to enable high-performance data centers. This has led to rapid developments in new plug design and technology. And, as ever, an increased need for safety and reliability standards for this equipment.

Ten Dumb Industrial Ethernet Mistakes Smart People Make

If you are planning an Industrial Ethernet installation, here are 10 of the most common problems that you should look out for: 1) Using office-grade connectors, cables, and network gear; 2) Careless cable routing; 3) Not labeling your cabling installations, 4) Not testing cabling before installing a new line; 5) Not testing extended cabling parameters; 6) Using “digital extension cords.” 7) Trusting the “Link Light” LED; 8) Performing “swap-‘til-you-drop” troubleshooting; 9) Being unprepared for the leading cause of Industrial Ethernet failures; and 10) Neglecting fiber inspection and cleaning.

Smart poles are changing the landscape of cities

A smart lamp post is slowly being introduced to our cities to be used for communication purposes. In the not-to-distant future, 90% of the equipment loaded on or in these smart poles will be communication related. The remaining 10% might be used by the lighting. The communication requirements for a smart pole might include technology for security, networking, power and communication.

Edge Computing is Poised to Remake the Data Center Landscape

Edge computing’s goal is to process data and services as close to the end user as possible. It’s an architecture that allows the compute and content delivery process to happen within 10 milliseconds or less of the user. According to a recent AFCOM State of the Data Center Industry study, edge solutions are one of the top areas of focus for data center end users. Forty four percent have already deployed some form of edge computing capacity or say they will be doing so over the next 12 months, according to the study. Look out over the course of the next three years, and another 17 percent of respondents have edge computing on their business plans.

Cries for cabling help: Must-see photos

Cabling Installation & Maintenance has published a compilation of “must see” cabling disaster photos, culled from social media at Reddit’s sub-communities for ‘Cablefail’ and ‘Cablegore.’ At a certain degree of cabling disaster, some job sites can make even the heartiest techs literally cry out for help.

Senko positions QSFP-based CS and SN fiber connectors for hyperscale data center, edge computing demands

With the specific objective of addressing the ultra-high density optical interconnectivity demands of enterprise and hyperscale data centers, Senko Advanced Components has designed its CS and SN connectors in collaboration with the QSFP MSA, an industry working group of transceiver manufacturers. Both are compact duplex connectors. However, the CS and SN connectors offer a 40% increase in density compared to a high density LC solution.

OFS unveils Fortex 2DT gel-free 200-micron loose tube fiber-optic cable

OFS  has introduced its Fortex 2DT loose tube fiber-optic cable. OFS claims that the Fortex 2DT cable “is the industry’s first totally gel-free loose tube cable to feature 200 micron optical fiber in a fully-rated Telcordia GR-20 design.” The smaller and lighter weight cables can help to reduce installation costs in a number of ways including: allowing longer and faster installation with greater distances between handholes (underground installations); providing lighter loads on poles (for aerial installations); and enabling more cable on a reel, which can help to reduce shipping costs and enable fewer splice points.