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Liz Goldsmith

Amtrak overhauls passenger rail communications with OCC’s hybrid GPON fiber/copper system

Starting a few years ago at Chicago’s Union Station and then in Baltimore and Washington DC, Amtrak equipped its new headquarters with a future-proof optical, advanced GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) and Digital Electric systems. This gave their newly renovated facility a highly efficient, resilient and cost-effective network that provides a wide range of high bandwidth telecommunications capabilities at gigabit speeds.

II-VI Incorporated’s 25 Gbps Wavelength-Tunable Transceivers for 5G Fronthaul Earn 2020 Lightwave Innovation Reviews High Score

II‐VI’s 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers received an Innovation Reviews High Score from Lightwave Magazine. II-VI’s 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers meet the CPRI 10 standard for 25 Gbps fronthaul links in a standard SFP28 pluggable form factor and over the full industrial temperature range. The transceivers support dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) across the C-band, dramatically increasing transmission capacity per fiber, thus virtually eliminating capacity constraints due to fiber scarcity.

Team Velcro Declared the Winner!

The Ethernet Alliance has posted results from its recent #cablingmanagement poll regarding the use of velcro vs. cable ties. The survey says…#TeamVelcro for the win! 75% of respondents said velcro is tops; 16.7% were #TeamWhateverWorks, and only 8.3% are behind #TeamZipTie. Congrats, Team Velcro! #Ethernet

Vodafone Launch IoT Smart Surveillance Systems

Vodafone has launched Smart Vision, a suite of IoT smart surveillance solutions designed to enhance security and drive efficiencies for business and public sector applications.The solutions operate over Vodafone’s IoT network and are 5G ready and are suited to a range of sectors including security, construction, manufacturing, utilities, retail and the public sector.

Smart Buildings – Entering a New Decade –

Smart buildings present a set of unique challenges that building managers also have to keep in mind when implementing a solution. Here are a few specific ways connected IoT solutions will continue to drive the growth of smart buildings: creating energy-efficient management solutions; predictive maintenance; and leveraging real-time insights.

Fiber Solutions for the Last Mile

Learn how fiber solutions have evolved to meet the needs of telecom providers and installers for the last mile. The flat drop for fiber is being replaced by microducts, coupled with microfibers, pushable fiber, and small form factor terminals; pushable fiber; and cable in conduit alternatives.