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Liz Goldsmith

Edge Computing: Technology Behind Fastest Data Processing

The technology of edge computing is growing because it helps companies get information in the fastest way. 75% of data produced by an enterprise can be created and processed outside of a traditional centralized data center or cloud, only it is required to move the data and storage as close as possible to the edge of the computing where the data is actually being processed. Edge computing technology is used in manufacturing, farming, workplace safety, network optimization, transportation, retail as well as improved healthcare services.

Accelerating The World Of Edge Computing

As the fourth industrial revolution progresses, innovations that make doing business radically faster and more efficient continue to emerge—and decision makers who want their organizations to stay competitive need to be fluent in them. Chief among these innovations is edge computing, which moves computation closer to those peripheral points at which it’s required, providing low latency and enabling the creation of agile, secure networks.