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Industry Insights: Network Transformation and the Role of FTTH

15 years ago, when the demand on the network were smaller, fiber in the access part of the network was an option. Operators thought of fiber when they were upgrading their network or building a new one. Today, customers have moved from, “should we upgrade to fiber” to “we have to do an upgrade”, simply to stay ahead of demand and be competitive. When a community upgrades to FTTH, that “fiber richness” can do more than connect people at home. Today’s 4G and especially 5G need more fiber in the infrastructure. Ultra-fast speeds demand fiber backbone feeding small cells, so FTTH helps with that. On top of that, with the Internet of Things (IoT) beginning to take hold,  FTTH lays the foundation for a larger network transformation, and it changes lives.

Webinar: Edge Data Centers

The characteristics that define an edge data center also inform many requirements for the infrastructure within the facility. High-speed networking, a compact footprint, little or no on-site staff, and high reliability are among the attributes of an edge data center that place exacting demands on data center systems. This webinar focuses on edge data centers and the cabling, power and infrastructure components needed.

OFS to instruct at Fiber Connect 2019

Don’t miss the two educational sessions led by OFS at the annual Fiber Connect conference, June 3-5, 2019. Their “Fiber Broadband Starter Kit” session will discuss the drivers behind the insatiable demand for bandwidth and the role of fiber in today’s network. Participants will learn the definitions and details of typical fiber network components, installation techniques, and trade-offs for different network architectures. Next up, John George, senior director of solutions and professional services for OFS will moderate a panel entitled “Fiber Broadband Case Studies for Multifamily Properties” will discuss how the growth in optical fiber to Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) and Multiple Tenant Units (MTU) offers both challenges and opportunities to service providers.

MultiFiber Pro- Optical Power Meter and Light Source: By Fluke Networks

Fluke’s MultiFiber Pro tests MPO fiber trunks without the use of fan-out cords. The tester offers automatic scanning and testing of all 12 fibers in MPO connectors and ensures correct end-to-end connectivity of MPO fiber trunks with built-in polarity verification. The tester features a simple user interface that displays all 12 fibers and the ability to drill down to a single fiber test result.