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Belden acquires Opterna

Belden has acquired Opterna, which provides fiber-optic products and systems. When announcing the acquisition in May, Belden said it will manage Opterna alongside PPC Broadband, which provides coaxial, fiber-optic, and twisted-pair cable primarily for last-mile applications.

Meet Optical Xplorer™

EXFO has introduced Optical Xplorer™, the industry’s first optical fiber multimeter. The device verifies optical links in seconds, and if faults are suspected, it finds and identifies them automatically. This makes it easier to boost output, improving the quality of work, and speeding up installation.  

Dealing with Natural Disasters through Big Data and IoT

IoT plays a major role in predicting disasters. One example that arises is the earthquake detection and warning effort of the US Geological Society. The system they are working on is called the Earthquake Early Warning system, and there are such systems in Mexico, Taiwan and Japan. In California, they have piloted the EEW prototype, called ShakeAlert, since 2012. Recently, ShakeAlert managed to detect and warn Pasadena residents about a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

How It Works: 5G | Glass Age | Corning

5G networks are all the buzz. What you may not know is that optical fiber will play a role in their delivery. Certain services and applications rely upon low latency – the elapsed time between the sending and receiving of data – and ultra-reliability. All those requirements are of more importance and demand compared to previous mobile standards.The technology that enables these wireless connections? Optical fiber.

Panduit | Electrical and Network Cables, Connectivity, Wire Management

This webinar, ‘Connecting and Protecting the Edge on the Plant Floor’, will discuss edge data sources, computing platforms, and secured networking architectures in Industrial environments. Data originated at the edge can only reach its intended cloud computing platforms with the right structured architecture that insures; real-time, secured and safe operations to machines, human, and industrial systems.