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Advice on overcoming common PoE challenges

As many different applications increasingly adopt Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as phones, cameras, lighting, and access controls, IDEAL Networks is offering  advice to help IT technicians handle everyday PoE troubleshooting scenarios including: when a VoiP phone doesn’t work, a VoIP phone needs replacing with a higher power device, or an IP CCTV camera is stuck in boot cycle.

5G means new RAN architectures, densification and more fiber

Because of all the new requirements (e.g,. low latency, more bandwidth), new technologies (e.g. eCPRI) and new line rates (i.e. 10G, 25G) that 5G is imposing on the network, new testing practices must follow suit. Where bad splices or bad connections occurred in the past, 4G networks were quick to forgive, but 5G networks definitely won’t. So, unless thorough 5G testing practices are strictly followed, failure rates on new 5G deployments will increase.

Fluke Networks Announces the FiberInspector™ Ultra, the Most Complete, Most Efficient Endface Inspection Solution

The FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Ultra from Fluke Networks allows fiber optic technicians to find contamination – the most common cause of fiber failure – on nearly any fiber connection. Technicians using the FI-3000 can get a Live View of the fiber endface instantly on their phone or Versiv Cabling Certification System and then use a gesture-based interface to zoom in on individual fibers or perform a pass/fail test in seconds. FiberInspector Ultra tests single fiber and MPO with SmartPhones or Versiv.

Stop Guessing, Start Testing

For co-lo data center operators infrastructure reliability and emergency response capability is essential — downtime is not an option. In this environment, testing is a critical element in meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs) and/or internal performance objectives. In a modern data center, there are thousands of links, cables, transponders, and connections, or, to it put frankly: thousands of potential points of failure. The following is a list of common key test use cases for DCOs.

Webinar: Intelligent Buildings

This webinar examines multiple aspects of building and managing the infrastructure to support systems within an intelligent building including, Overcoming the challenges of Wifi deployments in intelligent buildings; Twisted-pair cabling for intelligent buildings; and testing the infrastructure for intelligent building systems.

When Plug-and-Play Really Isn’t

Industry standards such as Ethernet and USB help ensure the interoperability of the computers, peripherals, and networks we depend on every day. Compliance testing is essential because any level of incompatibility can be costly in time and money for vendors and end-users. Here’s a big surprise: if you peruse the compliance criteria, plug-and-play may be less robust than we might imagine. The underlying issue is the cascade of incompatibility percentages. When the interoperability numbers from connected devices are multiplied, the result is low enough to introduce significant risk. This is especially true for automated test systems.

IDEAL Networks shows diverse range of cable certifiers at BICSI 2020 Winter conference

IDEAL Networks showcased its data cable, network, and IP CCTV testers and certifiers at the BICSI 2020 Winter Conference. Among the products demonstrated at the show is the company’s LanTEK IV cable certifier, which provides a 7 second test time for Cat 6a cable and certifies links up to Cat 8, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance measurements.