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Cable management is key to data center cross connect strategy

In order to manage their fiber, most data centers typically use a mixture of direct connect and interconnect cabling. As the name implies, a direct connection runs point-to-point between racks. A data center interconnect—not to be confused with the network interconnects mentioned previously—routes patch cords to a presentation panel. For large projects, this strategy can become difficult to manage as patch cords tend to become longer and cable pathways grow more congested. Once the number of fiber strands starts to exceed two or three thousand, the scales begin tipping in favor of a cross connect patching strategy.

Copper versus optical: The battle in backplane interconnects

The debate over copper vs. optical transmission mediums started the minute it was realized that photons could be used to transmit data. Since then, engineers have been trying to develop methods to economically and practically use various optical transmission methods to move computer data at very high rates. Optical fiber cable is widely used, but optical backplane interconnects remain a rarity. What is the status of embedded optical lanes in a backplane? This article examines current efforts in the rivalry between copper and optical backplane interconnects.

Legrand introduces Infinium Quantum: the ‘lowest loss’ optical fiber system for advanced data centers

Available in both singlemode and multimode versions, Legrand’s patent-pending Infinium Quantum systems offer the industry’s lowest channel link loss at 0.75dB. The system has been designed to allow the fastest and most reliable migration path to 400G and beyond by reducing or eliminating the need to replace cabling components.

Will Robots Usher in the Lights-Out Data Center? •

The idea of using robots to automate data center operations has been the object of years science experiments and proof of concepts. In November, a data center startup called TMGcore demonstrated a robotic system that can replace servers housed within an immersion cooling tank. This ability to swap out servers creates new possibilities in the industry’s long-running effort to create a “lights out” unmanned data center. Which raises a question: Are we on the verge of a new frontier in data center automation?

OM5 Fiber Application of SWDM

OM5 was chosen to be the new standard for the wideband multimode fiber in the upcoming 3rd edition of the ISO/IEC 11801. The acceptance of this standard is a milestone for the fiber cabling performance category because it extends the benefits of this revolutionary multimode fiber within connected buildings and data centers worldwide. Compared with OM3 and OM4, which are suitable for transmission in the range of 850nm wavelength, the new optical cabling class OM5 can operate within a range of 850nm to 950nm, thus increasing the performance and the quality of connectivity in your data center.

Modernizing the Data Center Online Summit

Join the conversation during our Modernizing the Data Center online Summit as experts discuss what technologies and trends will shape the #DataCenter in 2020, intelligent network modernization strategies, and more. Spending on enterprise data center infrastructure grew by 13 percent in the last year, according to a report from Synergy Research Group. With a 23 percent growth in cloud-enabled infrastructure, IT leaders must explore avenues outside of traditional, non-cloud infrastructure if they want to future proof their data center. From SD-WAN and Software-Defined Data Centers, join infrastructure experts as they discuss what technologies and trends will shape the Data Center in 2020.