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South Dakota and Venture Communications bringing broadband to Rural Hughes County

The State of South Dakota and Venture Communications will bring broadband services via fiber technology to the Rural Hughes County Area in 2019. This 5.8 million-dollar project will reach almost 700 customer locations in Western Hughes County. This area currently has poor or no broadband connectivity. The project will offer services that include ultra-fast internet with speeds up to one Gig — the equivalent of 1,000 Mbps.

Delivering tomorrow’s healthcare today

Healthcare IT networks designed today, which must be ready to integrate new applications in the future, can be based on a high-bandwidth digital IP backbone. When cabling a healthcare facility to comply with TIA-1179-A, a system designer has the option to use centralized optical fiber cabling as an alternative to cross connects in a telecom room. This method allows for the reduction of cables in the horizontal space.

Cries for cabling help: Must-see photos

Cabling Installation & Maintenance has published a compilation of “must see” cabling disaster photos, culled from social media at Reddit’s sub-communities for ‘Cablefail’ and ‘Cablegore.’ At a certain degree of cabling disaster, some job sites can make even the heartiest techs literally cry out for help.

OFS unveils Fortex 2DT gel-free 200-micron loose tube fiber-optic cable

OFS  has introduced its Fortex 2DT loose tube fiber-optic cable. OFS claims that the Fortex 2DT cable “is the industry’s first totally gel-free loose tube cable to feature 200 micron optical fiber in a fully-rated Telcordia GR-20 design.” The smaller and lighter weight cables can help to reduce installation costs in a number of ways including: allowing longer and faster installation with greater distances between handholes (underground installations); providing lighter loads on poles (for aerial installations); and enabling more cable on a reel, which can help to reduce shipping costs and enable fewer splice points.

Alaska Will Finally Get Its Own Fiber-Optic Line

On Wednesday, MTA, a cooperatively owned telco with about 30,000 customers, announced the construction of a new 100-terabit-per-second fiber-optic line between North Pole, near Fairbanks, and Alcan Border, where it will connect with Canadian carriers, and ultimately the Lower 48. MTA CEO Michael Burke says construction has already begun and is expected to be complete next year.

Comparing fiber-optic cables to cut costs

To ensure reliability, ‘future-forward’ networks need both macro-bending resilient and ruggedized fiber-optic cables. Downtime is a serious concern. According to a recent report published by Gartner, titled The Cost of Downtime, the average cost of network downtime is approximately $5,600 per minute. This adds even more pressure for data center operators and enterprise managers to keep their networks up and running 24/7/365.

Intro to Single-Mode: Addressing Preconceptions

In recent years, more enterprise and data center networks hav adopted single-mode fiber. This article will help you understand why single-mode is finding its way into shorter reach applications and will address some prevailing preconceived notions about single-mode fiber — whether true or false — and provide guidance for single-mode testing, cleaning, and inspection.