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Splice Loss Estimation with the Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer

Splice Loss Estimation is the process used within the splicer to gauge the amount of optical power lost at the splice joint due to core misalignment. This is accomplished by analyzing the profile image of the fused fiber and is typically common knowledge for fiber optic technicians in today’s industry. However, there is often a lack of clarity regarding the differing splice loss estimation methods. Not all splicers use the same estimation technique, nor do they possess the same level of accuracy or precision. This blog focuses on the Fujikura 41S fusion splicer and its loss estimation advantage compared to other cladding alignment splicers.

Need a Change? Getting Started in Fiber Optics, 2019 Style

To get started in fiber optics, you need to follow a simple path. Start with your abilities. Do you have the dexterity to do the kinds of work fiber optic techs do? You need fine motor skills to work with hair-thin fibers and color perception to mate the right fibers and cables when splicing. For outside plant work, you also may need to be able to perform heavy construction duties.

Is that a Cloud or the Fog Rolling in? Keeping up with the ever-changing patterns in Data Centers

Much like any weather system, the cloud moves and changes according to its surroundings. Where the cloud meets the horizon, some notice a new formation, one caused by the development of IoT. The fog extends the cloud closer to the devices, thus reducing latency. Regardless of the definition, edge data centers will be required, either as new construction or created from smaller existing enterprise or colocation data centers.