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May issue of the Fiber Optic Association Newsletter Now Online

Read the next issue of the FOA’s newsletter online. While the photo above doesn’t show “social distancing”, FOA has all its certification tests available online, both for use by our schools and by our direct “Work to Cert” applicants. All tests require a proctor to oversee the applicant taking the exam. In this time of social distancing, getting a proctor can be difficult, so FOA now has procedures for online proctors and administering the exam. Contact the FOA for more information.

April Newsletter Of The Fiber Optic Association is Now Available

While many are sequestered at home, others are out in the field installing more fiber and maintaining networks. Our contacts tell us that some projects are on hold but others are expanding, necessary to support up to 60% increase in Internet traffic and even a return to voice phone calls as people work from home and try to stay connected while social distancing. If you are working from home, you can take advantage of FOA’s free online learning opportunities at  Fiber U where we have been adding some new courses and expanding our Basic Skills Labs. . 

BICSI offers FREE online training

BICSI is offering 25 BICSI CONNECT Courses at no cost until June 30. The courses cover a variety of ICT topics, including distributed antenna systems, data centers, intelligent buildings, healthcare infrastructure, trends in copper and fiber testing and many more. In addition, we have reduced other select BICSI CONNECT courses by 30 percent by entering the campaign code WBT30 at checkout.To access the complete list of free and discounted online courses, visit http://www.bicsi.org/online.

Online Fiber U classes a resource for remote workers

Professionals in the ICT industry who are exclusively working from home may have “found time,” with which they can seek opportunities for professional development or training. One resource available to these professionals—as it has been for years—is Fiber U: the Fiber Optic Association’s free online self-study program. Fiber U includes self-study programs, tutorials, textbooks, videos, and links to other Fiber Optic Association (FOA) pages that educate on fiber optics and premises cabling.

Webinar: Performance Data ≠ User Experience

IT teams have more metrics than ever before. Yet according to Forrester Research, one-third of user complaints linger without resolution for a month or more. Do you have the right insight to understand and resolve user problems? In this webinar learn how the end-user focused technologies of Observer 17.5 simplify user experience assessment and troubleshooting to: Improve engineer’s ability to triage problem response and assign support tickets; Facilitate faster root-cause analysis with user-experience driven workflows; Ensure performance visibility in next generation 100 Gb data centers; Understand how users, by location or service, are experiencing an application.

New DAS Training Available for Women at No Cost

CommScope is offering free DAS training to women in the wireless industry or with a wireless background who want to enter the DAS business. This four-year old program, sponsored by CommScope’s Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions (DCCS) group, has recently expanded to incorporate more trainings and certifications than ever including small cells and CBRS technology. The goal is to help women who are interested in improving their knowledge in these fields to help them find work or expand opportunities available to them.

FOA Fiber U Lesson Plan: Basic Fiber Optics Skills Lab

Can You Learn Fiber Optic Skills Online? If you have your own tools and components and like to learn on your own, you probably can. The Fiber U “Basic Skills Lab” has lessons for learning cable preparation, splicing, termination and testing. Just download the new workbook sections on each topic along with the VHO “virtual hands-on” tutorials, and you are ready to practice with your own equipment.