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How IoT Solutions helps Elderly to stay Safe and Independent

As technology advances, IoT may assist in resolving challenges faced by seniors. Data acquired from IoT devices are used to create an individual’s daily story by monitoring their routine, detecting discrepancies, and, if necessary, alerting emergency services. Connected IoT devices in the home boost security; experts predict that by 2017, 50 million wireless consumer health monitoring gadgets will be sold, making the smart home a reality.

George Jetson Meets Smart Buildings

There used to be a Saturday morning cartoon called The Jetsons.  It was very futuristic – and one of the noteworthy things in the series was the smart building George and his family lived in. A robot that took care of the household, an integrated jogging floor on the balcony, push-button TV screen that triggered machines to cook dinner, set mood lighting, activate mood music; windows that got darker or lighter, and so much more. Here in 2020, we are getting ever-closer to the George Jetson era.

Leviton’s Wireless Structured Media Center: Coolest enclosure on the market (both literally and figuratively)

Smart home technology is all the rage these days, and homeowners and renters now expect their residential units to be smart home enabled. Recently, Leviton launched the new Wireless Structured Media Center (WSMC) which not only serves as a focal point for all the hardware and connectivity that smart homes need, but also dissipates heat, thus extending the life of active gear.

First international smart home standard ensures secure connectivity between devices

A smart home standard is here! Many popular devices will complete OCF 2.1 certification in 2020, ensuring robust and secure connectivity between devices. The OCF Certification Program helps manufacturers create products that “just work” with other OCF Certified IoT devices regardless of their form factors, operating systems, service providers or transports. OCF’s 2.1 specification, a recognized ISO standards specification, ensures this interoperability is built into all OCF Certified devices.