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White Paper: Single Pair Ethernet – The network infrastructure for Industry 4.0

Experts consider Single Pair Ethernet to be the next generation of communication architecture in automation. The concept behind it is essentially an extension of the Ethernet to the sensor, that is wherever “tracks” (in the literal sense) rather than data highways are needed in every inch of space within the plant – it is compact, flexible and offers extensive reach. Download Weidmueller’s White Paper.

SPE and the Future of Industrial Networking

As application areas transition to Ethernet protocols and field devices continue to require increased transmission capacities, single pair Ethernet (SPE) is becoming an attractive option. It delivers fast and gigabit Ethernet combined with power over a simple two-wire interface. In addition, SPE can be used with standard industrial grade housings designed for the harshest environments.

Is IO-Link with Single Pair Ethernet the Future?

20 meters. That is the maximum distance between an IO-Link master port and an IO-Link device using a standard prox cable. By using SPE, we gain the Ethernet cable length advantage. So, instead of being limited to 20 meters, your IO-Link cabling could stretch to 100 meters! Imagine the opportunities that opens in industrial applications. It is possible that even longer runs will be achievable.