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Blog – Network Security: It’s Time to Consider Passive Optical LAN

Deploying a POL can help make your network more secure.  Here’s why. Fiber optic cabling is more secure than copper cabling. Centralized intelligence and management is accessible only at the OLT, locked in the main data center. It’s easy to implement tight network access control. ONTs do not store user or network information. And, ONTs have no local management access.

Sabotaging Common IoT Devices in Smart Buildings by Exploiting Unencrypted Protocols

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is presenting smart building managers with a multitude of new cybersecurity challenges stemming from the rapid increase in the number of devices in most organizations’ networks. These devices are mostly unmanaged, come from a multitude of vendors, use non-standard operating systems, support a diversity of, often unencrypted, protocols, and may dynamically connect to other devices inside or outside the organization’s network. They also often lack security features, which means that vulnerabilities are discovered with increasing frequency. Additionally, bad security practices such as default or simple credentials, unencrypted traffic and lack of network segmentation remain common. As the scale and diversity of IoT devices grow, cybersecurity becomes an important focal point for any organization.