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White Paper: The Role of PoE in the Modern Connected Enterprise

Power over Ethernet has become the new power grid in buildings. With new standards that allow up to 99W to be delivered, PoE has grown up and is ready to power connected devices throughout the office building, school, and hospital. Panduit’s latest ebook, The Role of PoE in the Modern Connected Enterprise, explores infrastructure considerations and emerging solutions for extending the distance of PoE delivery.

Planning for Wireless Growth in Buildings

Five years ago, digital analysts declared that the number of devices had officially surpassed the number of people in the world. And, by 2025, analysts predict there will be 6 to 10 networked devices per person. To keep up with demand, wireless access points (WAPs) can now support up to 200 client devices. This sounds like a lot, until you think about a large office building, university lecture hall, convention hotel, or airport. In facilities like these, large numbers of employees, students, and travelers are connecting multiple devices: a laptop computer, wireless phone, tablet, smart watch, handheld game console, or any number of other connected devices – potentially all at the same time! And, don’t forget building functions: many of the sensors and devices that connect and control lighting, HVAC, and security systems connect wirelessly. Suddenly, those 200 client devices are accounted for pretty quickly.

Panduit’s Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord enables tool-less polarity change

Panduit’s Uniboot Push-Pull Fiber Patch Cord supports tool-less, in-the-field polarity change and provides remarkable insertion loss performance, easy field moves/adds/changes, and a low profile to reduce cable-volume density. The cord’s compact dimensions can save up to 40% of termination space compared to conventional connectors. The patch cords are available in singlemode and multimode versions.

Ebook: Is your physical infrastructure friend or foe?

Your physical network and electrical infrastructure plays a vital role  in your organization’s ability to maximize operational, financial, and environmental efficiencies. In the eBook, Physical Infrastructure: Uncover a Hidden Competitive Advantage, focuses on threats to underperforming network and electrical infrastructure and how to locate them within your operation; latest technology advancements, trends, and new initiatives; and how a strong physical infrastructure is key to future-proofing your business and staying ahead of the competition.