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Migrating to 100G and 400G? Nexan’s Calculator Works the Numbers

If you’re like most people in the data center market, you’re in the planning stages of converting to 100G links, or you’ve already started the installation process. Either way (and whether you like it or not), that means it’s time to start thinking about 400G.But what’s the best path forward to 100 and 400G? What cabling choices should you make today so you can cost effectively migrate in the future? Nexans can help you make those decision with our Own the Link Calculator web tool, recently updated for 400G.

Webinar: 100G and 400G Ethernet: What are the most cost effective Layer 1 options?

As large data centers are quickly moving to 100GbE speeds, designers are now looking at the 400GbE options that are becoming available. The options for 400G are much more varied and complex than prior speeds. And whether it is 100G or 400G, there needs to be a cable plant designed to accommodate the technology. How does one go about determining the most cost effective solution with so many moving targets? Nexans has developed an addition to its popular “Own the Link” calculator to help data center designers answers these questions. This presentation will cover some of the specification requirements for 100GbE and 400GbE options and then introduce an online tool that can help determine the most cost effective options.

Introducing the 10U Port Replication Panel: Density and Flexibility in a Small Footprint

The new panel from Nexans offers simple but effective fiber management in a very dense footprint. Multiple raised bridges allow for flexible options in Velcro or tie wrap strain relief; bridges are oriented in the same direction as cable entry into the panel for easy attachment, and positioned in alignment with entry/egress points. LC port adapters are secured with a metal bracket for a solid feel.