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Multicore Fiber: Just a Cool Design for Now

Research on MultiCore Fiber (MCF) was first conducted almost four decades ago. It is definitely a real and a cool technology, and a user could eventually purchase greater capacity and density, including more optical communication gigabits per second per square millimeter than with current solutions. Still, despite continuing development work on the concept, especially in recent years, there are enduring challenges over both cost and practical use.

Multi-core optical fibers in FTTH/FTTA/FTTS solutions supporting IoT

The paper presents a comparative classification of reference models used in IoT technology. Examples of the construction of cores used in telecommunications silica-fibers are presented. Exemplary simulation models of SM-MCF and FM-MCF modal structures has been presented. Attention was paid to the need to construct MCFs, which can be used in local access networks as well as in distribution and indoor networks.