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Comcast checking out hollowcore fiber

Comcast says it has deployed a 40-km route with hollowcore fiber (in a hybrid cable alongside conventional fiber) from Lumenisity in Philadelphia and has begun evaluating its performance. The U.S. Tier 1 cable MSO says it has already demonstrated the fiber’s ability to support coherent transmission, data rates from 10G to 400G, and single-fiber bidirectional operation.

Hollow-core optical fibers enable secure communications in data centers, accurate sensing gyro for Aerospace applications

Conventional optical fibers contain a glass core at the center of the fiber through which light is transmitted.However, not only does this glass center limit the speed of the light as it passes through, but it also adversely affects other aspects of propagation, limiting its performance. Hollow-core fibers replace the glass core with air or a vacuum, and replace the cladding with photonic crystals. Hollow-core fibers have lower signal loss and 30% higher speed of light than glass or plastic fibers.